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  1. Happy Birthday Emosh99!

  2. Happy Birthday Emosh99!

  3. Largest Load Youve Had On A Ute

    600kgs of steel in trailer and exact same in tub
  4. Largest Load Youve Had On A Ute

    Here are some after pics of when I moved some concrete pavers from house to house, they may look small, but each weighed around 25 kgs each, I wish I took before pics! These photos were taken after I had to stash half of the pavers on the side of a hwy! Came back for them in three loads. Rears were 'reset' pedders lowered springs... never again will I lower a ute and/or run wheels with offset! Tore through one sidewall, changed the spare, dumped half the load and kept driving!
  5. Hello once again all. Some of you vic guys may remember my old ZF ego ute, 310rwkw thanks to Mick and the team @ Pitlane. Anyhow over a year ago I sold the ute to fund some other life projects and I think I need another xr6t in my life! I tried other cars inbetween even a evo 10 hatch (modded ralliart) but quiet frankly I miss the spool and brutal power of the big 4.... I really really miss the spool! So the search began and I randomly started looking at FG utes this time, another reason why I sold my old ute is I think I got really bored of the ZF... as much as I love the benefits, it made me lazy and get bored of the ute. I found this, manual and on gas. I am a tradie so the ladder racks are one less thing I have to buy, just need a tall toolbox and I'm happy. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Ford-Falcon-Ute-2009/SSE-AD-2450900/?Cr=1&sdmvc=1 Does anyone know about this car? If I get a hi flow cat and tune, do I need two separate tunes for gas and petrol? If so who around the Ferntree Gully (vic) area is recommended? Sorry for the long post and thanks!
  6. Happy Birthday Emosh99!

  7. *beep* stock shocks will cut or or should I get some ultimas?
  8. when replacing springs only, will they blow out your shocks fairly quickly? front is stock atm, might go sl fronts (need to be able to drive on job sites) but im unsure if I should replace the shock at the same time... thinking of selling the ute soon so not sure if I want to go down the bilstiens road... have had pedders 'reset' leaf springs in the rear but it feels a bit soft (especially over narrow speed humps)... will changing the rear shocks to a short travel aftermarket fix this? or is this all spring rate related?
  9. are these things strong enough on a fourbie? or are they all chrome? ps where did u get those prices from?
  10. yeah I just put the wheels on that day, when u sanded back the lip, do u mean just the red part is polished or u mean sand back everything mins the spokes? got a pic?
  11. Can u just heat up the rear 1/4s and hit the lip with a rubber mallet till it folds back? Why are u guys grinding it off? http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=59942 18x10+22 265 something My rears hit on bumps, Even pushes the fuel cap open. Most panel beaters charge $50-60 per corner to roll guards
  12. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Sorry Mick but I cant find any reply's re injectors, can you please show me when you sent this message? Would be great if you can just pop them in the post. You have my details Cheers mate
  13. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    After two calls and emails days of waiting for a reply back, this seems like the only place I can get someone from Pitlane Automotive to get back to me regarding the where abouts of my injectors. Cheers
  14. http://marksink.com/tire_wheel_offset/offset.html Good little guide

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