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  1. That is around 16ltr per 100 km, probably not out of the ballpark for an N/A BA. If you piss that pod filter off you'll probably improve your economy and power a bit, a pod filter floating around in the engine bay is going to be worse than the standard intake set up.
  2. Happy Birthday Marksman X!

  3. Happy Birthday Marksman X!

  4. Happy Birthday Marksman X!

  5. Happy Birthday Marksman X!

  6. Happy Birthday Marksman X!

  7. I'm going to check it again when I get homw from work tonight - but I'm pretty confident the negative was tight. I reckon the bad earth would be elsewhere - just don't know where. I think I will re-flash the tune while I'm going to. Perhaps being without a battery for a few days has done something bizarre to the ECU and it's lost it's way?! It just doesn't make sense. Everything works - but it just 'ticks' off the starter like a car with a half flat battery would - but the battery isn't flat, we tried 3 of them, all from working cars.
  8. Background: Battery was disconnected for several days while modifications were carried out (new cooler and plumbing), got everything back together - tried to start it, and won't start. Here's the problem: Try to start the car, and everything works as normal, lights come on, fuel pump primes, kick it in the guts and it just 'ticks' off the starter motor. Everytime! Try to jump start it - nothing, does the exact same thing. Everything works, radio works - no security code, all the lights work, dash works, central locking works. I'm really quite confused?! The interior light dims quite alot when I try to start it ( right when the fuel pump is priming) - I'm thinking maybe a bad earth somewhere? The only thing I can think of is a bad earth, or it's simply because the headlights and foglights aren't hooked up ( taken off while installing new cooler). Suggestions?
  9. It's a 5 speed, however it's cheap - under 13k cheap. (and local-ish) Is the 5 spd the same/similar T5 as out of the older Fords? If it is, then I have spares Stripes need to go though! (sounds pretty easy - thanks guys.) However it has XR8 bonnet, CAPA flash box (thingy!), exhaust, intercooler, etc. As well as 19" wheels, & FPV gauge pod. I think it's a reasonable buy. I was going to buy XRT767 - but it's BTR has just thrown in the towel.
  10. Hey guys, so as the title suggests I'm interested to know if anyone has removed a set of stripes from a T before? I think I have finally found the car I want - but it is covered in 'GT' stripes. I would keep the ones running along the lower doors - but remove the rest of them. These aren't factory fitted ones either (from what I can tell) as the have 'turbocharged', etc written in them. Can I just peel them off? Maybe use a heatgun? What would be best to remove the residue without removing the underlying paint?! So excited to finally be getting into one of these bad boys! This one is a manual and has 280rwkw - should be enough to tie me over for now..... Back on topic: anyone know how to do this? Cheers, Steve.
  11. Marksman X

    Which Xr6T

    Looking at an '01 BA with 330rwkw. One major issue however is that it has lost 2nd and 4th. I have spoken to my auto guy - and he seems to think that a band has simply let go, the current owner of the car seems to be under the same impression. Major reason behind getting into this one is that it is going to be a weekend toy - and it's going to be mod'd anyway. This one recieved a rebuild in late '09. It now features H-beam rods, ARP head studs and forgies among other things. What would you guys do? Btw: It's cheap which is a big plus towards it.
  12. Anyone know the owner of XRT-767? that's another one I'm looking at, at the moment. Newb question: what's a BA 4spd worth to replace (seeing as they are so damn fragile?!)
  13. Hi guys, recently joined the forum. Been talking to Kyle (6boost) a little bit over the last few days via email, he has certainly cleared a few things up for me - in regards to these cars. Have been looking for one for a few days/weeks now. Anyone know of a decent BA in Vic? Few criteria it has to meet: (to get the approval of the minister of finance) no more than 150k's straight - mint paint auto/manual doesn't really matter roadworthy/reg Under 20k - but really no more than 16-17,000 (evern though I just bought her an '06 Territory, and she got to spend 26k!) Must be in victoria! that's about it - let me know if you know of a good one. I found the one I want on Carsales - but the dude hasnt gotten back to me yet. $15,900 130k's auto tint sports exhaust leather pack 18" alloys lowered ohh and it has the cleanest engine bay (well the whole car is clean) I have ever seen on a 2nd hand car! Cheers guys,

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