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  1. Happy Birthday silverjet!

  2. Happy Birthday silverjet!

  3. Hey conrad didnt know you were here on this forum Its Dr.Wylde from Oldschool.co.nz cheers
  4. It might fix your problem. Do the TPS first as it will improve the overall situation then check your intake manifold gasket isnt leaking my BA t ran like a sack until I sorted the intake gasket and tps Sent from my anus using Tapatalk 2
  5. hey long time member here! hardly post though! I'm from north otago I have a BA xr6t sedan standard as! ( no real point tuning a semi worn out BA) plan on up grading to an FG at some stage cheers
  6. Not to dig up an old thread but... there was an out come to this issue after reading this old thread made me wish I'd checked back here the following day after the original post. cos ratter was right it was the intake manifold gasket it was completely gone around cyl #1 no wonder it was running like poos . so I repaired this and the car has been running flawlessly ever since! better than when I first got it
  7. Hi Guys, I need some help here ok I Have an'03 BA XR6T stock as its the daily hoon/family car . ok heres the issue I come out in the morning start the car let it warm up. Once warm, pull shifter into reverse and the engine begins misfiring and the engine light comes on. so I shut off the engine . restart it and try again. result vary by the day!! goes in D fine after 2 attempts but reverse is always playing up continuously now and its getting worse this has been happening over the last month. Now I will admit I have not had the box serviced in awhile ( that's slackness on my part,I'll admit it) has anyone experienced this from their BTR 4 spd any ideas? cheers in advance
  8. Happy Birthday silverjet!

  9. Happy Birthday silverjet!

  10. ok here goes bear in mind that I owned these in different parts of the world 1. 1972 XA GS Coupe ( was rebuilding it at age 15 in 2002 was given to me) in Australia 2. 1987 ford fiesta 1.1L (UK) 3.1975 morris Mini clubman (NZ) 4.1974 Mini 1000 ( NZ) 5. 1976 Austin Mini clubman 1100 stage 2 cam (NZ) 6. 1981 toyota corolla (NZ) 7. 1985 toyota corolla wagon(NZ) 8.1981 Morris Mini Clubman 1275GT fully woked to the balls and back with 100hp at the treads disk brakes and racing suspension did 0 -100 in 6.2 seconds it was a beast (NZ 9. 1982 WB ute Still own it never selling it (NZ) 10.1994 mazda familia. NZ 11.2003 BA XR6T current daily driver (NZ)
  11. hi guys just caught up on this thread since my last post. been shopping round for parts. found nothing (sucks being so far south) have decided to hold off on the power upgrades just yet and look more into strengthening the weak bits first.My research shows that the BA has weak valve springs so I thought I should start there. I dont want to go too nutty on the setup just make it gruntier than standard. I would like to retain most of the stock donk Eg. internals and the turbo. and upgrade intake ,fuel system, exhuast and of course get that ruddy 4-speed strengtened to cope. I'm guessing that this could take me to near 300rwkw. dont want thing to break on me hence the strengthening idea cheers
  12. sounds like the way to go cheers mate will be on the hunt over the next few months. I'm a cow cocky for a crust and in the process of selling some livestock will be buying parts after then
  13. Only have the standard xr6t 4 spd tranny from what ive heard these are one of the cars biggest weak spots when it comes to tuning. power goal or goals: short term 260-270rwkw long term 300- beyond just dont have the funds to big things atm eg opening engine or strengthening tranny. you'll have to excuse the dumb questions and my naievity (new to all things EFI and turbo) so anyways what do you lads reckon? how much grunt can the diff take before breaking?
  14. hey guys having a few issues with the t atm anyways as I had stated before I have a BA MKI now considering mods quite keen on the wastegate flapper mod however I know the BAI's have some fairly weak internal bits eg.valve springs from what I've heard so before I go about making som extra kw's what and where do think I should start. when it comes to uprgrading to stronger internal parts cheers the jet
  15. Happy Birthday silverjet!

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