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  1. Happy Birthday rcm81!

  2. Happy Birthday rcm81!

  3. Happy Birthday rcm81!

  4. Happy Birthday rcm81!

  5. Happy Birthday rcm81!

  6. My 04 BA Ute has the same thing at 80kph just a slight hummmm on light throttle and goes away when you back off the throttle. My 98 longreach ute had the same thing but was way louder and ended up being the hard facing on the diff gears wearing off and needed a new diff...hope its not the same thing.
  7. Most cruises don't take cash. You get issued a charge card that you put money on then use your card to buy everything. Be careful if you hit the piss too hard coz they cut your card off for 24 hours which means you can not buy anything at all for that 24 hour period. no food nuthin.
  8. rcm81

    Cyclone Yasi

    We good in Townsville lots of trees down and heaps of people with out power still...Wanna say good onya to the Army boys and the Ergon boys busting there guts out the past few days clearing the streets and trying to get power on.
  9. I will keep an eye on it and hope its nothing too major....thanks for your help guys
  10. I managed to get it in park today it kinda feels like the button on the shifter does not go all the way in to allow it to go past reverse and into park. I just kept trying and pushed the button in and out half a dozen times and it went in. I will try the battery if it does it again but doesn't seem to be an electrical fault. Might try and track down a new shifter just in case "tuned 4spd yeah?" Nah just standard 4 speed no mods
  11. I know this is an old thread but my BA ute has just done the same thing...Does anyone know how to fix it????
  12. Hi do you reckon you could pm me his details too... Thanks
  13. Hey everyone, My name is Ryan live in Townsville NQ, Just picked up my car yesterday 2004 BA XR6T Ute in Phantom. 85000km stock engine, has V8 bonnet and hard lid, spoiler 19" HM racing mags. Have had a few falcons but am new to the Turbo game so will probably be asking some stupid questions along the way. I have owned a Red Pepper XB Hardtop and a XA Fairmont Hardtop rebuilt as a GT replica I will put some photos up when I get a chance. Look forward to chatting to you guys
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