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  1. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  2. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  3. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  4. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  5. Some more pics, taken with a semi pro camera. Came up awesome... well I think so!!
  6. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  7. Have finally worked out what Twitter is....... Its the little piece of meat between the twat and the sh*tter!!

    1. azz


      That's a p*ssa man. Ha ha ha ha ah

  8. Beer and Burgers on a Sunday afternoon, look out monday !!

  9. Well Thanks to Rootster for hooking me up I have added stripes, now just gotta get some new badges to finish it. Daytime With Flash ( What you see at night )
  10. A girl asks her Doctor how many calories are in sperm. The Doctor says "Believe me, if you swallow no guy will care if you're fat".

  11. Thinking maybe I might just go airbox and tune and see what they say and how high they can go. Then when I can afford injectors and the intercooler piping and xcal go for the big tune then.
  12. Nahhh sure he said rwhp, if he had said rwkw for that amount I would have snapped it up, kinda worrying though, I think this may be as addictive as tattoos lol. Hoping I can get as much as possible already scared " The minister for finance and war" yesterday, wanker in a patrol...oooops I used to be one of them lol
  13. Hey All, Not sure if this is in the right place but have been quoted $2400 for an XR8 airbox mod inc K&N filter, flash tuner and upgraded piping plus tune. Said should give it about 365rhp. What do you guys think about these figures and prices are they about right? I have an 08 XR6t auto. Thanks Sanger
  14. Yeah Mate im in the land of the borkits lol Caboolture, up for a cruise once in a while too.
  15. LOL Blue Balls!!! Oh LOL I see you are married too??
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