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  1. Happy Birthday 'FLYIN F6'!

  2. Happy Birthday 'FLYIN F6'!

  3. Happy Birthday 'FLYIN F6'!

  4. Happy Birthday 'FLYIN F6'!

  5. Happy Birthday 'FLYIN F6'!

  6. 30 when I bought new FG F6, loving it, such a great bang for ya buck car. 407 hp atw with the only mod being k&n and snorkel, more to come hopefully.
  7. I've never washed a car soooooo much in my life, my neighbours think I'm a little odd.
  8. Hi Mark is yours one of the one's up on the 500 hp wall at Lee's???
  9. Thanks for the novel 01txr, but mate I was purely stating what my F6 ran standard(except k&n panel) as I stated. And also for the record, Lee who owns RDP was there at the time and saw my run. Lee ran car up on dyno as he was very surprised by the time, and made 386 hp at the wheels. And also I haven't been back to the track yet as I have not even chipped it yet so not much point I thought. But with the rush of power and torque that the F6 TURBO comes on with, I really can't see myself going to the coyote,but agreed they are a very decent powerplant and have put the FPV back on the pedestal where it belongs. Cheers FF6
  10. And no just running standard tyres when I did that time at willowbank let down to 24 psi
  11. Yeah Big Dazza great choice of car aren't they, same as mine but mine has the twisty rims. Maybe some one should organise a cruise for us brizzy people, hint hint lol. Cheers FF6
  12. WOW, guess I should get my head out of mw ass, I didn't know that a GT335 had gone that quick yet. Very bloody impressive Great to see that the GT is finally back on top, (King of the Hill) as it should be. Well done blue oval boys. Cheers FF6.
  13. I beg to differ with these comments, my FG F6 ran 12.38 sec with only a K & N panel filter as the only mod. My car had only 10 000 kms on it at the time. Which on the dyno made only 3 hp difference hich is f/all in terms of again. So sorry but without sounding arragent the F6 is definitely quicker, which is not what the media want to hear.. Cheers Guy, just my 2 cents worth.
  14. Oh dis is da s#*t someone please organise a cruise, I'm beggin you. I was starting to think nobody was interested in getting everyone together????????
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