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  1. johno

    Sa Members

    Traitors. Gone to Mexico have they??
  2. johno

    Sa Members

    Fark me, over a month and no one about. I think its time to move on, go somewhere with more action. Will sell my Ford.
  3. johno

    Sa Members

    Everyones gone and bought a Holden.
  4. johno

    Sa Members

    Here we go again, no action. Must be all over at the GM forum. I dont think I will bother anymore.
  5. johno

    Sa Members

    Well, its nearly the end of another month, and as usual, everyones left town(or the state). Come on people, surely someone has a Ford that goes?? or at least has something to say(good or bad) I will go back to my 4x4 forum now
  6. johno

    Sa Members

    Huh, when??? Has everyone moved to Victoria, or even smarter, bought Holdens??
  7. johno

    Sa Members

    Aah, another new month dawns, and still no movement from the boring SA mob. What a bunch of slackers
  8. johno

    Sa Members

    Howdy Don, I thought you had all left the state(although not much to stop for if our pollies have their way) Plodding along, working, selling cars, buying cars. Not bad at the moment, down to 3 cars from the 6 I had last year. Want to get back to 2 before long. Dont have the interest in working on cars these days, and health doesnt help. Need to get the fishing rods out. My mate Gus is working up at Prominent Hill these days. Good money.
  9. johno

    Sa Members

    Come on fellas, this is pathetic. Been a month, and no ones even bothered to say gday. What sort of show are you Adelaidians running? Or doesnt anyone have a car that goes, or is worth talking about?
  10. johno

    Sa Members

    On a more serious note( yeah I know, wrong forum), I maybe looking for a non turbo Barra engine and poota for an engine conversion into my 1989 shorty Mav. Complete car would be great, although dont want ex taxi with 1,000,000ks. Damaged car would be great. Anyone help? Also need FG sump and pickup for the job. Just checking ATM.
  11. johno

    Sa Members

    Danish icecreams down Jetty road. Good waffle cones.
  12. johno

    Sa Members

    2 weeks, and no SA waffle anywhere to be seen. Shame on you all.
  13. johno

    Roof Lining Repair/replace

    Bringing this one back from the dead, does anyone know what a new ones worth? No real decent trimmers in our area. My BA ute one is sTuFfed.
  14. johno

    Sa Members

    Jeez Don, is life that boring you gotta wish yorself a happy birthday. Get a life bud.
  15. johno

    Upcoming Car Events

    that's normal for someone from Murray Bridge. Come on Don, get with it.

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