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  1. Happy Birthday GalaxyGirl!

  2. Happy Birthday GalaxyGirl!

  3. Happy Birthday GalaxyGirl!

  4. Happy Birthday GalaxyGirl!

  5. I've been getting an "infection alert" all week from the forum site when first log in, it counts down from 60secs, I keep closing it before it counts down but it pops up periodically....
  6. Same goes for cup holder, shift surround and glove box trim....
  7. I know that the manual knobs were causing dramas for the same reason and Ford was replacing them under warranty, might be worth a trip to your dealer to find out about yours...
  8. I got something to work!...
  9. I think your tinted headlights better represent the moustache Saleen and Cro's lights would be more like warts on her chin...
  10. "Hey Paddy, we've got dis here car ta pull out" "Shamus, we're pullin' it up now" "Here Paddy, what happens if da crane can't hold it?" "Shamus me lad, don't you even tink about dat happening" "Hey Paddy, oi didn't even tink it, oh shoit!" "Shamus, moi boy, go git a bigga crane" "Alroight, Paddy" "Ah Shamus, dis bigga crane is doin' da job well" "Dat it is Paddy, dat it is" "Now for da first crane Shamus, Up it comes" "Whats happening Paddy, whats happening?" "Oh f*#k Shamus, we've got to get an even bigga crane!" ..... you got it, the green crane goes in the drink too.... working on a pic
  11. theres more pictures to come too though....
  12. you haven't go the captions that go with it though...
  13. OMG that is so it!! how'd you do that!?
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