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  1. Happy Birthday young 01!

  2. Happy Birthday young 01!

  3. Happy Birthday young 01!

  4. Happy Birthday young 01!

  5. Happy Birthday young 01!

  6. Pads To Suit Dba4000's

    As mentioned on other posts I have Race Brake street pads on DBA4000 T3 Trac Spec rotors and they have been great. Very little dust, quiet (couple of squeals in reverse and that is all), and stop great. Plus they appear to be easy on the rotors.
  7. F6 Brake Pads & Rotors

    I had another post going on the same subject (would insert a link if I had any clue)! I replaced mine at the same distance with the new DBA4000 T3 Club Spec rotors and Race Brake pads (I assume you have standard 4 pots?). The exact cost was on my post but from memory I spent about $650 in total doing them myself, been on a couple of months and have been fantastic. Would recommend this combo to anyone; no noise (so far), minimal brake dust and stops just as well as the original setup.
  8. Fpv Black Concept Car

    I beg to differ on the wheels. Just looked at a side shot of the poor excuse they are calling the Black and a stock GT and the wheels are identical, just painted black . I for one don't mind the style of these wheels and think they look better in the flesh but it just proves that they didn't put too much thought into this one! For what it's worth I was never a fan of the hockey stripes however I think the matt black ones on the show car looked pretty cool.
  9. Brembo 4Pot Brake Pads

    I have been using Race Brake pads in my 4 pot Brembo calipers along with the DBA 4000 T3 Club Spec rotors for the last couple of months and couldn't be happier. I have had no noise and a very small amount of brake dust compared with the factory Ferrodo pads. Would suggest giving the guys at Race Brakes a call.
  10. Fpv Black Concept Car

    I agree with every single comment so far. What a complete waste of time and I'm not sure what our friends at Ford were thinking? How can they leave out the main items that made the show car a viable option from a regular GT. What everyone is asking for is wider rear rubber/rims, a decent handling package and a body kit that differentiates a limited run of only 125 cars. It is very obvious after reading that Ford have waved the white flag in the chase for the Late model camira that they have also given up on listening to their customers (you know, the ones who actually buy your cars and not the print media who constantly bag them). Very lame FoMoCo
  11. Good Pads

    Try Race Brakes in Melbourne, I am pretty sure they would have a set to suit the standard discs? I have had a set on the F6 with the new DBA T3 rotors and couldn't be happier. Very little brake dust compared to the OEM factory setup and from what I hear they last longer and don't wear out the rotors anywhere near as much.
  12. Fg F6 Fuel Economy

    Yeah I will cop that Bomber! Although to be honest I bought the F6 as something fun to drive for work as I'm on the road most of the day, not a show pony or weekend driver. If that was the case I would spend the extra on high octane, engine modding, etc (although I like, and need a bit to often, my factory warranty). That said I have run multiple tanks on 98 and to be honest noticed no real difference (my opinion only, please don't blog about dyno results), and at 14c a litre more I am more than happy to be a tight arse
  13. Fg F6 Fuel Economy

    My F6 sedan is an auto and most of my driving is mixed, it constantly returns high 11's/low 12's and even when pushing it I still haven't seen it go over 14 on a tank. It is factory stock and I mostly use E10 (it has travelled over 50,000 k's and struggle to pay the price for 98 Octane). If doing long country trips it will easily sit high 8's.
  14. Dba 4000 Rotors

    Thanks DBASteve, The T3 rotors have been on the car for nearly a month now and they have been awesome. So far we have had no squealing, no shudder and they stop on a dime. I also have to mention how good the Race Brake pads have been; considering they pull me up just as well as the factory set (Ferodo I believe) I am stunned at how little brake dust these things produce, I should have put these on the day I picked up the car! I would recommend this setup to anyone when it's time for change over.
  15. Zf6 Problem Fg F6

    It has now been over a month since I had the fix carried out on the ZF and it still hasn't missed a beat. It feels so much smoother when driving, fuel economy is a fraction higher but well worth the trade off. Very happy camper and back in love with the F6 again

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