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  1. Happy Birthday DENGAT3!

  2. Happy Birthday DENGAT3!

  3. Happy Birthday DENGAT3!

  4. Happy Birthday DENGAT3!

  5. Happy Birthday DENGAT3!

  6. Can't wait to work my Turbo, But money is the only thing in my way :(

  7. Hey Am new to this, Just bought myself an 07 XR6 Turbo in EGO. And OMG I love it. Exactly what I wanted. I didnt get any extra features as I have a $2000 Pioneer Stereo System to be installed. I want to do this myself and am just chasing a few ideas on how I could best do so. My biggest drama is the 7" Fold out DVD Player I have. I also have splitz for the front, 4 ways for the back, Mono Block for 12" Sub in box and a 4 channel for my speakers.. Please give some ideas on how to make this work Cheers
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