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  1. Happy Birthday razza0066!

  2. Happy Birthday razza0066!

  3. Happy Birthday razza0066!

  4. Happy Birthday razza0066!

  5. Hello all keen to go for a cruise, but might be a bit hung over after the grand final. If not to bad I will meet u there. Were is the cruise going down south or else were.
  6. Yeah I think I will get the surge tank done pretty soon, when my woman stops complaining about all the money I spent. Have been trying to keep it at half tank or above as a small insurance policy, but still want to get the surge. I think when I get a few more km on it and get the surge done might get it re dyno see if it improves, still alot more fun then it use to be.
  7. Its just a diferent block with new billet rods, standard pistons and rings and had to get the valves done that were rooted when the rod snapped. Bruce the guy that built it said that 9 out of the 10 cars that he builds with the same sort of power dont have surge tanks as I asked about them cause of all the comments I got when it stuffed up. He said the rods he put in are capable of a lot more power and that unless im doing alot of quarter mile runs it wont be necesary. I was also worried about it happening again. Thinking about getting one to be safe when I get the brakes upgraded though, just need some more cash already spent a bit.
  8. I to get new bottom end, so while it was getting buile I thought I might as well get billet rods so there isn,t any more holes getting put in my block. valve springs, hi flow injectors, walbro hi flow fuel pump, rapid cooler and 4" dump with a hi flow cat in to 2, 2 half inch pipes (sounds pretty nice compared to before) and had to get new clutch cause other was shagged ( extreme clutch). Goes pretty solid now breaks traction pretty regularly. It is 6 spd manual, he said he had it running 18 psi but the torque was to high and that it wouldnt get much traction, he also said he thought that it would of got higher numbers than it did.
  9. I was pretty happy with the power it got, think it will be enough for my daily driver for now.
  10. Got my ba mark2 back few weeks ago after putting a rod through the block. Went to Heinrich performance and tuning from the advice I got off the forum and got him to source another block and a few other bits and peices. Glad to say im finally in the 300 club, definitely feels alot quicker than the 260kw I had before.
  11. I just got my ba 2 back after putting a hole through the block. got a second hand block for 300(u could of got new one for about 800), billet rods, standard pistons and rings, gaskets and sh*t for a bought 2 grand, cheaper than getting a short from ford and stronger.
  12. finally got car back afta putting rod through block, now just got to run in

  13. I got told the same thing about them being stronger as I am searching for motor to, because I shot a rod out the side of my block. When I called ford today the guy on the phone told me a f6 short motor was 3200 and that they were the same from 05 to the end of production, but he didnt sound like he new what he was talking about so I am just getting a block and getting it built up
  14. Went and seen Bruce heinrich today, got a good quote to get another block put in, better rods, a new set of standard pistons(as he thinks they are good quality), better valve springs, fuel pump, check top end ok, exaust system, new intercooler, better injectors, assemble it, take out and put back in and a few small bits and peices for between 6 to 7 grand. Dont have cash just yet got to sort out in next week or to. Was gonna get the short motor, but he said he can build better one cheaper. Still not sure if im gonna get brand new block or second hand yet with low km. Bruce seems to think one with low km will do job as you can do sh*t loads of km in them and they show f all signs of wear. Cheers for recomending him he reckons I will get the power I wont with out really pushing the motor much either. I will try upload some pics of car and some of my block pieces not exactly sure how to do though?
  15. It was a custom tune done at the end of 2006 I only got it a few months ago though. The tune was done at kpm, funny though cause about three weeks or so before it happend I went there and said it had lost a bit of power and had a very slight knocking noise and the guy said it might just need a service, some plugs and to check if all the turbo bolts etc were tight, I also asked him about rods because I noticed lots of people commenting about them bending and he said they are usually fine up until around 300 to 320 rwkw guess he was wrong. Were is this Bruce Heinrich guy at and do you have a number.

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