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  1. Happy Birthday XRFan101!

  2. Happy Birthday XRFan101!

  3. Happy Birthday XRFan101!

  4. Happy Birthday XRFan101!

  5. Well thought I might just share my awesome insurance deal, I have managed to get my car insured for an agreed price of $28500. Full comp obviously, and im a Rating 1 driver for the last 6+ years. And insurance premium is only $613 per year :-P excess is $400. So a pretty darn good price, this is with AAMI. And it was actually cheaper to insure my XR6T than it was my old EF XR6 which was $40 more a year with AAMI...work that one out?
  6. The products I use for polishing I get from a website called www.zas.com.au, and also www.carcareproducts.com.au. However I do also like using Autogylm super resin polish.
  7. Thanks mate, yeah being a professional detailer ive actually manged to get the cars paint to look slightly darker than normal. I spent about 25+ hours using a special polish that enhances the cars paint and brings out further depth to it. The car is like a mirror on wheels now, and then when the sun hits, the metallic flakes look freaking awesome. and yeah its a huuuge difference from my old EF XR6 haha.
  8. Yeah I mean their were a few other XR6 T I was looking at, all around the $27-29k mark but one had 90,000kms on it.. and the guy had the diff bush replaced... which is a bit seedy. This one was in the best overall condition and had the most/all the options.
  9. Bought the car with 50,080kms on her, shes done a bit more now thou lol.. and cost $29,000. Not 100% if that's good or not but the price and condition of the car went hand in hand with the purchase TBH.
  10. Oh that woulda been sweet as, haha I had the day off too :-( next time definitely.
  11. Yeah I plan to do everything at once including the re tune. Most likely going the intercooler upgrade and dump pipe upgrade then a re-tune to get it all running sweet. im not after huge killerwasps but something that still makes it stand out from the crowd. I don't plan on changing the intake again lol not spending another $200-400 haha, im happy with what I got. Thanks all for the replies thou, not sure where to take my car to get tuned and stuff either especially as the turbo scene is new to me. Their is a couple of places in SA that are good tuners for the XR6 T like KPM motor-sport, and a couple of others...but for now its time to get used to the car first :-P
  12. Yeah, given I haven't actually done before after dyno runs, the Difference between the stock intake and the Growler one WAS definitely noticeable. I was driving the car around for about a week or so before I had it put on and it had some induction noise but not alot. But after installing the Growler, throttle response was increased quite noticeably and the noise is absolutely awesome! I haven't had any second thoughts on spending $399 on it. But im sure other people have different opinions on it.. Thanks for the replies :-P
  13. Thanks mate, yeah later on this year (towards x-mas) I plan to get the car re-tuned as I will will be adding an aftermarket intercooler, 4' dump pipe and a new Cat converter. Still debating whether or not to get a new cat back exhaust system too, I was looking at a X-Force duel 2.5' or the single 3.5' but I was also looking into getting a Mach 1 exhaust system, as I can get a stainless steel cat back system for under $1000 fitted. and they have a pretty good exhaust note ive been told.
  14. Hi all, I am fairly new to this forum and especially the Ford XR6 Turbo. I took ownership of mine about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it!! Its a 2007 BF MkII XR6 Turbo in Ego with the ZF 6 speed. The car itself had everything that could be added to it at the time of buying it so its got full leather interior, duel zone climate control, electric pedal adjustments, sunroof, stripes package, premium sound system, 18' Mags with Toyo Proxy's all round. And window tinting. I may haved missed some stuff....My previous car was an EF XR6, so getting used to this car has been my main concern as the car itself is very different including the power :-P. I have already done a couple of things to it but nothing huge at the moment. Ive bought a SS Inductions Growler CAI ($399 is what I paid :-P) and a Turbosmart Kompact Plumb-Back BOV. Just these 2 items alone has made the car an awesome experience to drive, but I do have alot more on my list for future plans. Here are a couple of pics. Thanks, Andrew
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