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  1. Happy Birthday ChrisConfal!

  2. Happy Birthday ChrisConfal!

  3. Happy Birthday ChrisConfal!

  4. Happy Birthday ChrisConfal!

  5. Happy Birthday ChrisConfal!

  6. Sweet thanks for the reply, ill give it a crack Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  7. Tried both ways, have had them out before so not sure why they are stuck. The 3 that are stuck ae genuines and 3 aftermarket ones came straight out. Also tried twisting them Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  8. Hey guys, hoping I can get some help. Went to change my plugs, and the front 3 coils are stuck in the tubes. The first one of those 3 came out but left the rubber boot in the tube. Tried to get it out with pliers but it started tearing and couldnt get it out. I know I will have to replace that one as the boot is had it, but does anyone have any tips to get them out without destroying them? Btw car is ba xr6 t Cheers Chris Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  9. Nice, ive always had a soft spot for the older evo's Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  10. Pedders quoted me about 150 from memory, woud be the no fuss way if you arent confident ding it yourself Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  11. I pressed mine out to fit nolathane ones in, had to cut the old ones out of the arm as a 20t press wsnt strong enough, then pressed the new ones in without to many problems, just have to watch te arm as you press it so it doesnt bend/flex much as there isnt alot of support to use while prssing Sent from my OMNIA7 using Board Express
  12. I try to get down every week or two theres usually a few xrt's down there
  13. turbo is fine little bit of shaft play from back to front but none up and down, im not sure if the previous owner had replaced it at some point but it still had the screen in the feed line and was still feeding oil fine didnt look like it had been touched
  14. should probably check my filter, car has done 210000 and I have no idea if it has been even looked at.
  15. My 04 has just hit 210000 and runs smooth as, nodramas with gearbox, only thing I can pick is a slightly whiny diff

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