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  1. Got the Ute up and running again last week. Clutch feels great, it drives beautifully (re-tuned it on 98 using PCMtec) making about 620rwhp (qld, sorry lol) The dowelled crank/flywheel, done by TBRE. Not welded, has some crazy super heavy duty loctite on the threads. You can see where the ARP head of the bolt was having a roll around. Flywheel surface is g2g, gave it a good clean before fitting the clutch.
  2. I've got the engine back from TBRE. As well as the dowelling work, I got him to replace timing gear and fortunately as he was tearing down the engine found that some cam lobes laminate had perished and so he put in a new set of billet stage 1's. Bit of an unexpected bummer but good to find it early.
  3. Yeah I should have done this a while ago. The problem was motivation and pulling everything apart again. Now my hand is forced so to speak haha.
  4. So it turns out I had snapped a flywheel bolt. It ended up between a clutch plate and the flywheel which prevented the clutch from engaging properly. Flywheel will get a machine and I'm getting Tony Bellert to dowel the crank in hopes I never have bolt snapping problems again.
  5. forgot to follow through haha, oops. It was loud. Probably obnoxious. I've since moved to a 4" system that sounds better. Initially done without the rear muffler. I liked it but the neighborhood didn't so I eventually put a 2nd muffler in it. Call me crazy but it sounds better and quiet.
  6. it is unbelievable to me that the standard plastic CSC was supplied with a $3000 NPC twin plate clutch kit rated to 1000hp.
  7. Ended up getting a bit of gear from Malwood. New billet CSC, braided res. line and a new remote bleeder. Hopefully lasts a bit longer this time without that plastic $hit.
  8. So the slave went the other day as I was on the side of the road swapping fuel over from e85-98. I got stuck in peak hour traffic unable to use the clutch hahaha so pulled over, waited an hour and drove 200km back to the old mans where it's sitting on stands :/ Also noticed this small twist in the input shaft- tr6060
  9. Trent0

    Clutch talk

    I use the 1000hp rated NPC too. it's not too bad but I don't think it's the best clutch for daily. the pick up point and how hard it bites makes hill starts skid starts,
  10. thanks mate. haha yeaaaaah that black bonnet wasn't real popular. Once I saw it all one colour I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Replacing the front bumper meant I could have a fresh front end and that's ultimately the reason why the bonnet got painted lol. A sunroof and 5 link rear end would be nice to do next.
  11. t4, 60mm TS hypergate and a 6boost manifold.

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