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  1. belake

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Just spotted a few of you guys in the full boost springy motors vid. Very good numbers for such a hot day!
  2. belake

    Loud Or Just Normal?

    When I installed the same pump in my old BF it was the same. I always thought it was a bit loud as well.. but I guess its just normal with the walbros!
  3. belake

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    LOL I deserve that. You guys heading out highway later? ... so I can defect you
  4. belake

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Any cruises happening this long weekend? I wouldnt mind heading out with some t's.. I never seem to find any!
  5. belake

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Nick d was that you in the white bf f6 last night? I only saw a handful of turbos.. was pretty disappointing! Ps. I'm a cop
  6. belake

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    The kit looks good in all black. I recently bought the same kit second hand a couple of weeks back. I did a quick test fitting of the piping in the bay and noticed the pipe from the outlet of the cooler going up towards the x-over gets verrrrrrry close to the drive belt. It was close enough on the last install that it left marks on the piping.. How close was yours? Any chance of some photos of the piping that runs vertical to near the front of the engine? It would be very much appreciated!

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