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  1. I got a FG plenum for next to nothing and installed on my BF. Instead of changing thermo I cut the end of plenum and rewelded to have clearance, also welded up throttle body holes and redid them for BF body.
  2. Well meet up with Rab and Paul this afternoon in Christchurch, was great to meet them and put a face to the name. I joined them for the drive towards Greymouth parting ways on the West Coast side of Otira Gorge. Was great fun through the twisty roads around the mountains and both vehicles got to stretch the legs a little. That AMG has got some go to it. Was an easy 1hr back home from where I left them and seem to have misplaced about 2/3 of a tank of 98 quite quickly today. Depending what the guys get up to will catch them later in the week possibly.
  3. Definitely send through whatever number and I'll get in touch might catch ya on coast somewhere from Monday onwards. It's tuesday night now in Prague and we start our journey back tomorrow Wednesday at 1415. Expect to back in chch about 9am Friday. Spark have best coverage followed by Vodafone and then 2 degrees who have improved a lot.
  4. Depends where you are. little town probably earlier than you'd expect. Greymouth should be at least 10pm I would think, that is a guess though.
  5. Yea we are unfortunately limited on 98 in this country. only at BP and not all stations have it. My range is a bit limited at moment as it doesn't appear to want to lean out in cruise properly and haven't been able to figure it out so I'll be very conscious of this. wouldn't think jerry can should be needed, I'd hope the AMG would get you between stations.
  6. Nice even more reason to find you guys when your doing some good roads. Have you got a general idea of route and dates of where you'll be?
  7. You've got my number so send your NZ 1 through when your in country and then I'll figure out when I will catch you guys. Might drive down to meet somewhere depending where you are. Otherwise in Chch we will definitely meet up. What car you got from Qtown?
  8. Well I've got it ready to go so when I get back from overseas and we meet up I can get the thing out.
  9. I'd probably say go that same way I did on the maps but stay in Milford Sound on the way. You could even spend a whole day there and go sight seeing. I'm Jet ski racing in Chch on 9th of Sept also (as long as I get back from overseas in time) and then would be quite keen to join you guys for day trips or whatever is going on at that stage. Hope that helps a little more.
  10. Right so have a 2 day pathway for Queenstown to Chch which could be spread out to 3 days if you wish to stop in lots of places. Uses the West coast road as a path which does have some good corners etc, just don't want to get stuck behind someone and have it ruined of course. Then from Greymouth use Lewis Pass which does take you further North to then end up South and in Chch on the East coast. This then leaves a couple of Day trips which have some nice driving parts to them, 1 is Back towards Greymouth to Lake Brunner (Moana) but on a more direct route with good hill road. 2 is Chch to Akaroa which has a great hill round also. Easy return trips. After that it would be more about going to see something as the roads after all that are pretty damn straight. So in what I have attached: Day 1 525km Day 2 321km Daytrip 1 209km each way Daytrip 2 82km each way Probably a good start to your planning.
  11. Sorry I have my dates way up the s**t. Probably can't do the Accommodation bit as have some students still in here till 15th according to info I have. I should be back in the country from another holiday on 7th of Sept so will look at joining trip but hard to say at the moment. There are a few roads it is about making sure you get to Chch when required. I'll come back to you on that one.
  12. So I think it is about $2.38.9c per litre for 98 at the moment but that could go up as some new taxes are coming into effect about now. You can only get 98 from BP fuel stations and not all of them. For 95 your looking around the $2.30 mark and that is usually at all fuel stations. Depending on numbers I can probably offer up some accommodation in the Chch area towards the end of your trip as long as ya not expecting much. If possible I will still look at traveling down and joining you for the trip. As mentioned earlier Radar detectors are allowed just not laser jammers, a lot of the police use the instant on function though so unless someone in range ahead of you gets checked you may get no warning until they have ya. Keep us posted on what you come up with. Looks like I will have some common days off when you are about.
  13. Sorry slow reply from me. I'd have to wait to closer to the time to sort out time off to align with this. But yea could be interesting to meet some of you. I'm based in the Christchurch area myself. Guess it's down to whether you have interest from a group to go.
  14. Yea, made me chuckle after a while to. Initially wasn't too happy about it. So as an early xmas present the engine has gone south. As I said gotta pull motor and strip to rebuild depending on what is going on inside. Bonus to all this is I have purchased a hoist to install in shed to be able to do the work a bit easier, unfortunately its not a clearfloor hoist but one day I will change it out for clearfloor type when I have jacked roof up higher. The vehicle was running about 300rwkw which it has been for the last 3/4 years no issues, then the other day not far into a fresh tank of 98 it has done that to #6 piston, spark plug, etc. Can't say what has been the cause yet, could be tune, could be fuel, who knows. So it has come to rebuilding the motor. It is a BF2 ute so was thinking replace pistons with forged pistons, install some heavy duty/uprated valve springs, and upgrading the fuel system at the pump end, maybe surge maybe just intank pump upgrade. I also have an FG intake manifold lying around so thought I should chuck that in, I have Deka 60s and considering replacing those also. All up I'm thinking to aim for 350rwkw with the rebuild and figured I should just build it strong so it can make this power reliably. I haven't been on the forum much in the last few years with life being a bit busy at times so any feedback on my ideas on pointers/direction to go with what I'm planning is appreciated. O and Merry Christmas everyone, hope ya been having a good day out there.
  15. I'll be pulling the motor out. Feel its best to reach through the sump to change the spark plugs, and the fact the spark plug actually got hit by piston.
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