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  1. yer I was going to borrow it but you never sent it
  2. vb taste like Sewage water, energy drinks will f.u.k with ya, dont do it. and RAB holy fuark that was alot of meat that cost more than my weekly pay check 😞 anyways does anyone use a slow cooker, multi cooker or pressure cooker thingo? want to get a good one but cant work out which one or do I need 2? trying to help the mrs with something to make dinners easier when we cbf or she works late/ we have a pos $10 slow cooker now we use occasionally, and a $10 rice cooker that always burns and turns into one big ball of rice fml any feed back?
  3. great stuff azza are you keeping this one?
  4. delete fkn stance sh*t on falcons go buy a rice burner cheers admin
  5. nice pick up azza. very nice. welcome back to the turbo world. clubby gone?
  6. hey im still running a gtx960 or something so if anyone gets to upgrade its me
  7. dude lol I get absolutely fekn smashed at the game now. I play for a few hours lucky to get 1 kill.
  8. did anyone see tonights episode of house rules? they installed a tesla battery thingo!
  9. that's the problem with social media, everyone sits there while taking a sh*t on the toilet messaging all these workshops and tire kicking.
  10. fluff come wife swap for a bit I need a break hahah
  11. mrs kept saying it was cancer, she was moody as fek for weeks leading up to the results. was nothing. but shes still a moody b I a t c h
  12. mrs cat broke his front canine tooth recently somehow, and the gum healed weired like a lump. had to get it x rayed apparently. 400 bux later fkn cats
  13. no... ignore the advice from people who have been playing with these cars since day one and go the opposite direction then come back here and complain.
  14. I wonder if hes still looking for that racetrack in Melbourne ? hahah
  15. fkn nailed it ^ lunched his engine ahahahah
  16. if you have blown your engine rebuild it, may as well make it better than another stocker. OZY going by the plazz cooler hes got a visit from rodney hahah
  17. no wonder you married him hang in there fluff ❤️

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