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  1. they make good paper weights now though
  2. anyone know if this would be a good budget upgrade for my gtx 960 GPU https://www.msy.com.au/-gigabyte-nvidia-n166soc-6gd-6gb-gtx-1660-super-oc-pci-e-vga-card
  3. I think that switch thing is a bloody ripper idea havent seen it before I want it. back in the day we had to pull over and flop out the xcal and sit there for 15 minutes in a servo and upload different tunes lol
  4. oh I didnt even know haltech could do that!
  5. hey upi watched the video again how does that tune switch work ive never seen any barra guy use that before? how does it change it on the go like that?
  6. unless its being installed wrong?
  7. yer I upgraded my speakers in my corolla and the sound has improved night and day. they are entry level focal splits but bloody hell they are crystal clear and pump. now keen to chuck some alpines in the ute apparently my local audio place have a kit for fords. gonna suss it.
  8. oh right what stage are you at thought you just got the slab down 😕
  9. you sacked the concreter ? lol
  10. nah 5inch cat back is fine mate
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