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  1. lol whats next will a bf fit into el?
  2. problem is there all well and truly fecked now and because they were/are a bogan car owners never spent any money on them back in the day. 😕
  3. I almost bought one as well a few years ago, bloody pissed I didnt now. would have made a nice little project car. manual in atlas grey too all stock.. 😞
  4. cammo you borrowed a machine to lift the blocks for you ? weak mate
  5. lol its literally the only thing we dont have in common still love her though
  6. haha we are all android here, mum has an early I pad and its still going strong would be 10 years I think.
  7. is anyone here switched on with tablets? thinking about finally getting one for my daughter to use sparingly! but mostly for me n the mrs when on the couch and cbf firing up the pc. want one with a data plan to use out n about in car etc.
  8. bloody hell azza 10 years ive been fighting for fluff
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