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  1. get more educated AUS123 hub dynos read higher
  2. no one tunes for 95. it will be a 98 tune.
  3. millionaire ^ let us know how it goes, my next tv will be LG.
  4. are you sure it wasnt a bad cold? flu means your almost dead in hospital.
  5. im pretty dam sure there the same
  6. how the fek am I supposed to compete with a guy who does that! geez azz
  7. dont hashtag me mate first warning cheers admin
  8. whats worth getting? should have got one with the tax time sales fml
  9. was referring to general streets, understand about right lane hoggers, but ive seen some feral sh*t on the freeways, ring road is bad. theres a reason I dont like driving much anymore, my commute to work and back is 5 minutes. that's enough of dealing with other road users for me.

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