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  1. get the tune touched up for the cold start
  2. he did a bit here and there years ago I think but nothing anymore that I have seen or heard. hes busy building and tuning his house ahahah
  3. Danny has a wife and kids now hes all grown up family man ha
  4. I love plaster stage, its when you get the first real feel for the size of the rooms.
  5. anyone know out of goodyear and dunlop which is the best money can buy? im doing for work for a place that deals with these and can get mates rates
  6. how come the left house windows above the front door up the top look different fluff? my ocd is going offf
  7. I know I order in containers of goods from overseas and know that freight companies upper there prices, a lot of people used covid as an excuse too though. a company I worked for lately upper there price on a aussie made product this year and said due to covid, yet the supplier had no price increase. lel.
  8. I work in sales man in the industries ive worked for never done that only thing is they launched cheap to catch everyones attention but still early days to jack up the price being so new still
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