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  1. Admin (as if)


    all good mate, glad to see your making sure shes healthy first before mods. your a rare breed haha good stuff report back if you need any other tips
  2. Admin (as if)


    new auto heat exchanger ditch the turbo oil filter or get a serviceable type a good service of everything if iffy service history. diff bush
  3. hes got a diesel and wont be coming back to the forum for another 5 years now lol
  4. I really like BF1, loved the simplicity of 2 guns and some grenades etc. a tank/plane.
  5. ok wow just watched some game play looks like the shiz I will be all over this I had no idea another was coming havent played a COD since MW back in 2007 ish haah
  6. that sounds like its right up my alley thank god I just want good ol gun fight, I hate all these flying/armour/skins/abilities and fancy sh*t.
  7. hey MBAF ive never played boarderlands before should I jump on board? im kind of over apex atm anything else out there? I kind of want good ol COD back. 2 guns and ammo. I dont like all these abilities and amour stuff.
  8. battery on its way out? fuses for interior lights
  9. oh that's right, cant remember the reason behind it. lol im going to have a browse now
  10. are they still trading keif? thought they closed if so that's a ripper price

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