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  1. because Haltech ECU`s dont have built in ignition igniters like the Ford ecu has. It was either the choice of an external igniter or 6x Nissan coils which have the igniters built in. 6 Nissan coils are cheaper.
  2. original colour was light blue. colour I repainted it is Ford Cobalt blue (EB GT colour) if your old enough to remember those things.
  3. that's right at the end of the day remove the VCT and an engine is only a 4 stroke air pump like any other engine. so long as the ecu has a crank and cam reference signal in order to fire the injectors and coils. the car 54 years old, no its not the original paint. I repainted it in 96.
  4. none at all, a couple of hours on the dyno had it sorted.
  5. yeah sure. its a FG engine, BA sump, oil pump gears, head studs, valve springs, Atomic VCT delete and vernier gears locking the timing. Quicktime bellhousing, 2500 stall, reverse pattern manualised C4 auto. water to air intercooler, Davies Craig EWP150 pump for the intercooler. Haltech Elite 750, holley low pressure pump, 2x 044 pumps. the 2nd 044 is triggered at 10psi. Holset turbo, 50mm wastegate, aftermarket LS 102mm throttle body, 440cc injectors.
  6. the car or the engine? "the bird" as its become known is my first car. Owned it for 26 years now. in the last 12 months I have put the barra in.
  7. kill me, kill me now. Huge night last night = a huge headache this morning.

  8. apprentice comes in from the workshop this afternoon with someones numberplate that is looking a bit worse for wear. kid asked me if I had any in stock, wtf!!..."yeah sure dickhead we will dial a prisoner to make us one....."

  9. well, f*ckhead friday reared its ugly head this afternoon. Never fails.

  10. I have another shipment of 044 pumps due in the next few days if it helps.
  11. another 2 x turbo beanies, another 5 x 044 pumps, 5 x pump brackets, 2 x boost controllers, 1 x billet ford 6 fuel rail, 1 x LS3 billet fuel rail & a scangauge all in transit. The postman is gunna be earning his keep this week:)

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