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  1. Happy Birthday AY35XC!

  2. Happy Birthday AY35XC!

  3. Happy Birthday AY35XC!

  4. Happy Birthday AY35XC!

  5. AY35XC

    NSW Spotted Thread

    that's my car... just curious on the north shore cause I go the ryde bit figured out I used to work in rydalmere and travel down to concord all the time and I like it without badges it seems cleaner
  6. Cheerin... the FG is in the current issue of Street Fords

  7. AY35XC

    Fibreglass Front Bars

    fibre sports I think made the kit, but my local panel beater painted and fitted, and I have taken it off re fitted it with no issues
  8. AY35XC

    Fibreglass Front Bars

    Mine turned out alright
  9. AY35XC

    Ford Techs Having A Laugh

    mine has got the same drawings on both sides
  10. AY35XC

    Sydney Night Cruise 29Th April

    Cant wait for this
  11. AY35XC

    Sydney Night Cruise 29Th April

    Yeah Iam in for this cruise to, sounds like its going to be huge
  12. AY35XC

    Xr50T Standard/ Basic Modded Rwkw?

    I pulled 353.7rwhp at summernats 24 which is about 263.8kw completly dead stock auto XR6T with about 45000k's onit,
  13. AY35XC

    Fg 20" 275 Rears With 35 Ioffset

    How did you go with the wheels and scrubbing as Iam think of doing the same thing with putting 20x10's on the back and have you got any pics
  14. Also while I was down at Nats I decide to chuck it on the dyno to see what its got, not bad for a standard XR6T
  15. A few pics from summernats

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