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  1. Happy Birthday Sir20B!

  2. Happy Birthday Sir20B!

  3. Happy Birthday Sir20B!

  4. Happy Birthday Sir20B!

  5. Fg Which Cooler

    Oh Boy... (or should that be boo hooo) Now you re making me laugh.. That's a big call for someone who wont commit to the CoolOFF Also I can’t actually see where you said you wouldn't commit , until the post above.. Anyway, my count, the 'ol' Extruded T&F has it over the B/P core 5 out of 8 tests in my above test, may be more.. For some insight (for now) name the country of origin of your "U beaut" B&P core....?? Be honest.. Cheers
  6. Fg Which Cooler

    Yes it should be good, though conversation actually finished a little prematurely.. The conversation was really only focussed on one aspect of the function of an intercooler... This being out outlet air temp... Which as we said favours the B&P (Bar & Plate) cooler for short load period with longer recovery time.. There are soo many other factors relevant/critical in the performance of any whether it be B&P or T&F (Tube and Fin) 1: Boost side pressure drop and lack of it. The lower the better is what we are after... The 16mm tube pitch PWR T&F cooler will romp this in. Flow Flow and lots off it... maybe 2-3 times less pressure drop compared to the B&P in question on this thread with or without the 100mm removed off the top. Lower boost side pressure drop also has a few added advantages... 2: Faster off boost response & (in the case of a manual car) less lag time between gears. Lag time on turbo cars is a bitch and is a real factor that should be measured and factored into any intercooler test.. I can easily add an RPM Function to the data logger and find the cooler offering the lowest/least lag time... (measured by lowest RPM point when 1.000psi positive pressure is seen in the intake manifold). This will favour the T&F core.. ill throw it out there, 200rpm sooner 3: Lower Turbo charger discharge temp simply due to not having to turn the turbo as hard to obtain the desired boost level at the engine intake manifold. This is set up on my data logger anyway.. For the test we'll use say 10psi at engine intake as an aim. The higher pressure drop we see on the B&P cooler will see higher turbo discharge temps.. 4: Ambient air side pressure drop. I can arrange a wind tunnel ambient air side pressure drop test..This will favour the T&F core, ill throw it out there and say 25% greater flow 5: Lowest outlet air temp after 1x 15sec dyno pull Full load. This is in favour for the B&P coler if done from cold (which in this test will be). The B&P cooler is heavier in construction... It takes longer to heat up....along with a longer cool down period. 6: Lowest out let air temp after 3min period @ 10psi at the intake manifold.. (pending transmission oil temps) The continuous load period will off set the initial "weight" advantage of the heavier B&P cooler. This will be interesting... 7: Lowest outlet air temp after quarter mile drag pass. This should be in favour of the B&P cooler , but still I'd like to confirm. The T&F core will see higher ambient airflow less heat into the cooler... it will be interesting.. 8: Lowest outlet air temp after 3 laps of Queensland raceway or lakeside...This I am dreaming if I think the stock brakes on a FG will cope with more than 1 lap. This one we will have to rely on the result of test 6.. 9: and last but not least... Engine Water Temps. Logging the peak water temp with each cooler... and obviously awarding the point to the unit that consistently sees the lower peak water temp. This will favour the T&F cooler.. So for the test, best out of the above?? Happy to add further Along with the temp sensor bosses mentioned in previous post above, Ill also need a set of lower pipes to fit the PW cooler, as the PWR unit retains stock pipes or stock shape equivalent... Cheers
  7. Fg Which Cooler

    For the Back to back test I think its still a factor of interest to measure... Let me know when youve got a cooler ready to go. Cheers PS ill need a M5 x 1.0 female boss in each tank close to the outlets.. Also a 1/8th NPT female in each also..
  8. Fg Which Cooler

    Drag may be, as long as your starved engine radiator can cope with it... Circuit or constant load no. Real world street speeds of 60-80km will see a much much longer recovery time for the bar and plate cooler. Im not telling you anything you dont know.. You been doing this for as long as I have... Showing no bias the wide tube pitch of a Plazmaman Tube and Fin cooler I think will work better under constant load or real life street speeds or a constant load circuit car for example... It will clearly breath the most cooling ambient airflow... PWR unit somewhere behind that with its slightly tighter 16mm tube pitch. Yeah over 11+yrs. I believe we met at Sema in Vegas Nov 2002... I cant recall meeting you again after that. Spoke every few days for a few years.. Allgood. Happy to test it unbiased. ill also measure the effect on engine water temps... Honestly I will be very interested to see the result after 3 mins... It will be good. I have a several thousand dollar 8 Channel logger on my car. We may as well use it. Ive actualy been testing some exhausts of late (that's another story) Cheers
  9. Fg Which Cooler

    Cool... (Literally) Send her up. Happy to test it for you.. Criteria will be a 3 Minute period at 75% load on Dyno with 60 km/h Dyno fan going flat out... Any Bar and plate cooler will "hold" the cold for longer on one pull and let time to recover due to it being heavier in construction than any T/F cooler ever made. A constant load period will be interesting with the flat faced natured front edge of the bar and plate cooler with 60km/h breeze blowing over it and not through it.. PM me for address. Cheers
  10. Fg Which Cooler

    I think 990inc. Best ring to confirm No, but I have ran one of their data loggers on my car for last 4months (one of 2 cars to do so). Not biased, just keen to get the most bang for buck (like the rest of us) and stating it how it is... Id also be happy to test any intercooler that you can find, that will fit with zero mods to the stock front end of my FG... cheers
  11. Fg Which Cooler

    Cool , does that mean there is gringing / cutting of the steel reo also? Mmm I guess Ford Engineers are the only people who can answer that. Id would be terrible to find out the hard way... ie up the back of a bus or something! Or if your insurance company rejected a claim. The PWR stepped unit retains all 4 yes.. I found this flyer on the PWR Site.. Your best referring to each reseller or manufacturer for individual tests results or performance graphs perhaps. There are graphs on the pwr site I see also... Performance wise it comes back to basics...A cooler that DOES require cutting of the car has a head start.. ie it is obviously larger compared to that of a cooler that obviously doesnt.. I guess its also a case of personal choice.. cheers
  12. Fg Which Cooler

    <P>.<IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src="/style_emoticons/default/buttrock.gif"> </P> <P> </P>
  13. Fg Which Cooler

    Many coolers offered for the FG Require complete removal (completely cut out) of the upper link of the rad support panel (between the upper intercooler mount points) It too isnt something that would be considered as reversible. I would think its not something many insurers would be in favour of either...
  14. New Pwr Fg Cooler

    There are 2 FGs in QLD running around with the New PWR stepped cooler in them. One is mine. For me the appeal was ZERO cutting of the stock car in any way. Im not sure on insurance companies finer details or criteria, but for me avoiding hassles in the unlikely event of an accident was apprealing, due to this cooler being the only one I could find that didnt cut the car (or in this case) upper bar reo anyway... Also the appeal of the intercooler being compatible with stock pipes... or stock pipe shape equivalent, despite the slightly steeper angle of the inlet (also the added upper tank volume compared to that of the F6 Cooler) to aid flow to the usually unused upper tubes Data wise the two cars have loggers on them full time, everytime they are driven.. Logging pressures and temps at 3 points across the entire intake of the FG along with engine water temps, all compared to the stock XR & F6 Coolers... PWR when asked why the stepped cooler? Because no body else can... Anyway its not for me to ramble on about, for now judge for yourself.. Mine as one of two cars running data loggers I have 3 snippets of data from the earlier days in march..Mine the stocker of the two.. First Graph above: Sub 12.90 pass Top of first gear 0.01PSI pressure drop and an intercooler outlet temp of 1 degF above ambient. Total temp drop across the cooler at this stage was 24Deg F. (oh to the keener observer on this day the in and out TEMP channels are in reverse) Second Graph: After hitting Rev limiter in First Gear (Oooops), at half track, the pressure drop at this stage is 0.43PSI and an intercooler outlet temp of 8DegF above ambient. the Total temp drop across the cooler at this half track stage is 88DegF. By the end of 400mts and just touching rev limiter in 3rd gear (on the ZF) and the boost on the otherwise standard car lowering as it climed in speed and rpm (??). The pressure drop at this closing stage was 0.02PSI with an intercooler outlet temp of 12DegF above ambient.. Total temp drop across the cooler at this stage was 100DegF.. Anyway enough ramble from me. PWR will (I guess) tell the rest, with more on engine water temps with this cooler compared to the stock xr and F6 units and even some exh back pressure tests thrown in. Cheers
  15. I couldnt see any movies of the Xr6T Supercar posted in this or thread or others.. looks like quite a handfull. Good stuff.

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