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  1. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Anyone still use these forums? Or is it all facebook now?
  2. Fg Turbo Joins The Club

    Hey mate can you give us a rough idea of how much it all cost? Thank you.
  3. Happy Birthday bradles024!

  4. Driving Unlicensed In Victoria

    Does anyone on here know if there's any exemptions to driving on a cancelled licence in victoria in an emergency situation (eg, driving to hospital etc)
  5. Fg Ecoboost Engine Vs 4 Litre N/a

    That is low-speed, short-trip driving. It's pretty similar to the mazda 2 that it replaced.
  6. Fg Ecoboost Engine Vs 4 Litre N/a

    Staying around the 10.8 mark with an average speed of 35km/h
  7. Fg Ecoboost Engine Vs 4 Litre N/a

    Only done 50km in it so far, average is on 10.8/100. Id expect that to drop a fair bit though, as with any new car you want to see what it goes like for the first few drives.
  8. Fg Ecoboost Engine Vs 4 Litre N/a

    So I ended up going for the ecoboost, picked up a 2012 fg mkii g6 for a very good price. Car is fantastic, looks awesome, goes very well. It's definitely not lacking in power as I thought it might. Very quiet, good on fuel. All in all, very good value for money for a family sedan.
  9. Factory F6 Boost Sensor

    On the side of the factory cooler on a ba f6
  10. Fg Ecoboost Engine Vs 4 Litre N/a

    Thanks Mick, how are you going with the little one? It's very exciting.
  11. Hey all, I'm looking at buying a FG sedan for my missus, as we have a baby on the way and her current mazda 2 is too small. I drove a couple of 2011 FG XR6's and was very impressed with them, very smooth and plenty of power. I was wondering if anyone on here has a 2 litre ecoboost engine, and how they compare to the 4 litre, in terms of refinement, power delivery and fuel economy.
  12. Cams In The 5.0L

    Got a video mate? And do you know what cams they are?
  13. Cams In The 5.0L

    Was it a worthwhile mod in your opinion?
  14. Cams In The 5.0L

    Have you done any cams in the 5.4s mick?

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