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  1. Hi guys I went shopping today to purchase new rotors and pads for the rear of my 2009 fg xr6 turbo Ute. One shop said I needed 298mm another said 303mm. There was also a lot of confusion on which pads would fit. Basically I wanted the DBA 4505S 303mm x 16mm T3 REAR and bendix DB1376GCT pads. Am I going to have any problems with this set up? They confused the hell out of me lol. Cheers
  2. Custom Tune Plus Hi Flow Cat

    Cool thanks for that
  3. Custom Tune Plus Hi Flow Cat

    Hi guys I'm getting a custom tune done soon for my fg turbo Ute. Will I get extra power from the tune by adding a hi flow cat? My exhaust is stock and I want to keep it that way.
  4. Diff Warranty Voided Because Of Cai

    The Ford Warranty and Service Guide states that 'A claim under the Ford Vehicle Warranty will also be rejected if a Modification is made to the vehicle by, or for you and such modification adversely affects the performance / compliance of the part in respect of which such claim is made.' I put that in the email and told them the Ford Mechanics could not even tell me how a CAI can affect Diff performance. The only reason I havnt had a custom tune was because of the warranty. Think I might book it into Real Dyno Tuning next week and get it done
  5. Diff Warranty Voided Because Of Cai

    Thanks guys, I still have the original. I will try another dealer first. I'm sending Ford and the dealership an email now telling them what I think of them.
  6. Diff Warranty Voided Because Of Cai

    Hey Guys. My Fg T ute has a clunky diff and Ford told me today they cant do anything about it because I have a SSinductions CAI so my drive line warranty has been voided. Has anyone else has this problem? is there anything I can do about this? Cheers Sam
  7. 19X11 For Fg Ute

    They dont come out till july, it says on their website various off sets to suit most cars.
  8. 19X11 For Fg Ute

    I was looking at the Koya Touring tek in matt black
  9. 19X11 For Fg Ute

    Has anyone fit 19x11 to the rear of an FG ute,or does anyone think it is possible and if so what size tyre? Cheers Sam
  10. Potenza Re 11

    Sorry dre im on the gold coast and want a full set. Now is a good time to buy them from tire rack in the USA I was quoted $1511.23us delivered so about $1400aus I think its a good price
  11. Potenza Re 11

    Hey Guys Im about to purchase Bridgestone Potenza Re-11 245/35R19 for my FG T ute. I saw on a few forums on here that they were highly recommended but no one seems to have tried them yet. So have any of you guys bought a set and are they as good as the reviews? Cheers Sam
  12. Reverse Sensors

    Not yet I'm saving it for the boss when he tells me that's where they all go and they should work fine.
  13. Reverse Sensors

    Mine are command and they just make the beeps. I paid $400 to have them installed when I bought the ute new. I thought ford were going to fit them but they got someone in to do it. An installer came over yesterday day to have a look he said that's where they fit them on all utes. I find that hard to beleive cause its 20cm lower than the recommended height according to the instructions. He took a photo of them and said he would show the boss and get back to me. I have a feeling they wont get back to me cause they know they f#@ked up and will either have to move them up and get me new bumpers or remove them, get me new bumpers and give me a refund.
  14. Reverse Sensors

    Thanks henz, I will show your pic to the installer.
  15. Reverse Sensors

    henz are yours fitted here?

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