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  1. Nothing wrong with that, that's what I used to use for years but it wasn't the full synthetic. I used the mineral. I bought my Wavetrac from Ray as well and at the time (about 2015) he recommended a Penrite Limslip 140 LSD oil but when I did a bit of research, it had the friction modifiers in it so I decided to go with the Nulon 80w 140 based on what I had read on the American Wavetrac site. I emailed the Australian Wavetrac distributor recently about what the best oil to use would be when I got the IMS kit installed and I just got a short reply with a link to the American website
  2. I've just gone from the CAT600 bushes to the IMS diff hat and still don't hear the Wavetrac at all. The whole diff is actually quieter with the IMS compared to the CAT bushes. I don't have the cv's though. Check what type of oil they put in your diff also as the Wavetracs and Truetracs don't like slippery LSD type friction modifiers. I've got Penrite 80/90 mineral oil in mine and just change it more often.
  3. Thanks mate. Yeah, car is manual. Axle tramp was very mild with the CAT bushes but noticeable. No tramp at all now, it either grips up or spins the tyres but no bouncing up and down.
  4. I've got a Wavetrac in my BF XR8 and it's quiet as, wouldn't even know it's there to be honest. Agree though that at wot it is awesome.
  5. I know I'm reviving an old thread here but having just replaced my CAT600 bushes with the IMS kit, I thought I'd share my thoughts on both setups. The CAT600 setup with Nolethane bush served my well in my Kenne Bell supercharged XR8 for about 6 years and 50,000 k's with daily driving and the occasional thrashing. There was increased NHV as was to be expected from such a stiff type bush, but it was not unacceptable. Recently the CAT bushes had enough and thrashed out so I replaced them with an IMS diff hat kit with the Superpro bushes and I was very surprised how much qu
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