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  1. Happy Birthday crustyman!

  2. Happy Birthday crustyman!

  3. Happy Birthday crustyman!

  4. Happy Birthday crustyman!

  5. Just ordered my keyring, couldn't find the donating member discount code but what the hey the forums can take the extra $2 :D
  6. Wife drove mine for the first time the other day, she usually drives around in a Expensive Daewoo Cruze 1.8 Petrol which has to be one of the most underpowered cars I've had a the misfortune of having to drive. The G6ET isn't a monster unless you want it to be, she had no problem keeping it tamed and I was happy to chuck her the keys when she wanted to take some of her friends for a drive the other day. I agree with the "just go buy one" comments the wife will love it and you'll get to enjoy it when she lets you behind the wheel (I'm lucky my wife doesn't like driving much otherwise I reckon I'd struggle to keep her out of the drivers seat).
  7. Fantastic that's what I wanted to read thanks
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has noticed the paint flaking off their windscreen wipers and if Ford will cover it as a warranty issue?
  9. crustyman


    AAMI for me $700 with a $700 excess (small flexipremium) 39k agreed 30 y/o rating 1 with my 25 y/o wife as a nominated driver.
  10. Interestingly it's reading way out once again it was 41C here the other day and the car had been at work in the sun all day but the OS temp read 24C. I'm taking holidays in a couple of weeks to move house so might go have a chat with the service advisor at Ford and get a few warranty things sorted, hopefully they've got a proper fix for this now BTW loving the car, had a BMW 5 series driver next to me the other day and he was nearly falling out of his car to look at the G6ET hahaha.
  11. While the G6ET doesn't officially have LSD it sure does a better job of spinning both rears when provoked than my VY Clubby ever did, boy was that LSD hit and miss
  12. I'm another one for the whiskey tumblers, that's what I did for the groomsmen, father of the bride and my father also don't forget to get one for you! My mate did personalized stubby holders for his and forget to get himself one
  13. Whats worse is that it's not actually me that does the work, it's my staff however I end up the one apologizing or copping the "please explain" ahhh good times.

  14. I run a fairly large IT system for a number of hospitals, don't need to tell me about wishing you didn't do something :)

  15. Can you actually get into the forums or do we have to just wait?

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