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  1. 5kws? I got a jet pilot sticker that can do the same thing.
  2. Well no one here would blame you for thinking it hahaha
  3. Psychologically everyone responds to motivators in different ways.... is it a choice ... yes... but if you can curve your “laziness” for lack of a better term, by doing them in a different location because that means more productivity, then so be it. When I I was a gym junkie after I had Hudson, I had zero motivation at home because I was tired and up all night etc etc, but an hour a day respite at the gym made me want to do things, then at home I was more inclined to be more active. I was doing 1&1/2 hours at the gym every day plus a 5km walk with jet and sit ups and push ups every night.... without the gym in the first place I would have done nothing because it was all too hard at home. Same reason as I cannot study by correspondence, as I get distracted and too busy doing life that I don’t do the study. I think people are just different. And hey if you can do that all from home then kudos to you... you get to save the $14 a week. Doesn’t mean the people who can’t are lazy ... means they motivate in a different way.
  4. Agree.... can get fit at home... don’t. Coz it’s easier to sit and do fhuuuk all at home where as if I’m at the gym I’ll do sh*t but it to be fair that means I have to actually go to the gym bahaha
  5. Had a baking sesh with Hudson today... double choc brownies with strawberries as carrots on top and vanilla and chocolate Easter cupcakes for the fam tomorrow...
  6. Well you could bahahah the Porsche’s is over rated and I personally don’t like it. I know three people who drive one and they’re all about the image not performance and that image is “I wish I had more money but I want you to think I have money so I got a Porsche 4x4.” Q7 is nice... but I will say all the Audi’s lose me with their interiors because they’re so basic and boring.. but merc lose me with the over bling. I would buy a new Range Rover sport. I love them. But again every man and his dog in UNLEY has got one now. Toureg is a good call I reckon. But you can’t deny this is a good looking beast
  7. I reckon another winner is the new Volvo XC90. And it looks schmexy too
  8. Can I just say the one thing I can’t stand about new Mazda’s is the accelerator pedal design as a flap type thing. We looked at a new CX9 when I was looking at the prado and it was tiny inside for a 7 seater. The only way I could describe it was a poor mans Q7
  9. Da feck!!!! No wonder everyone thinks South Aussies are mental! Lolol the cows like da fec is wrong with you
  10. So this week I had a chest X-ray and mri of my pelvis ...working with my specialist and getting there but basically thinking it’s a type of mixed connective tissue disease and possibly lupus as well. Had a three day sick leave the other day because I couldn’t lift my arms properly (like to feed myself with a fork) without tiring and had ulcers all through my mouth... that was fun. Good news is the NSAID drugs are helping for the moment to reduce inflammation as the type I (presumably) have is involving the spine and pelvis so I can actually sleep for the first time in 6-12 months. Bad news is I can’t figure out wtf my arsehole is doing!! Was fine all day now spending all night on the loo chitting through the eye of a needle. Sexy I know! @JETURBO has been so amazing! Words don’t reflect how lucky I am to have him. As well as working over time central on two stressful huge government contracts, helping people out with their cars like a super Choona, he is home being my tea biatch, super dad, laundry maid, chef and carer when I feel like arse... which is a lot of the time. And the best part is he still makes me laugh and is my best mate like nothing’s different. So this is wpmo but also a WMMFG post I guess as I feel extremely lucky to have him.
  11. Pfftttttt My cars 2.5 tonne, turbo... and does 0-100 in 8 minutes. Now that’s impressive!
  12. The thing hoots pretty well with my lard arse and him on it gets up to a fhukm good speed
  13. Happy long weekend ohmos Mums boy!
  14. Just drove a new Jeep Wrangler that belonged to a client. Was whelmed. Pretty ready for the weekend to start
  15. @arronm would have particular interest in that I’m sure.
  16. Lol I was waiting for that lol I tried to google but couldn’t find
  17. Woops got roasted because I misspelled roasted roastception
  18. Hey @k31th You know when someone is asking a dumb question and you can post that google thing that types the question in like a gif
  19. wpmo there’s not enough skin on toast chickens... there needs to be more skin to chicken ration coz it’s moreish... but I’m glad there isn’t coz my arse doesn’t need it hahaha
  20. When I say outer I mean like proper outer like we call outer I guess hahaha I frequent Sydney unfortunately and totally agree. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me and can’t say I’ve enjoyed a trip there ever.
  21. Agree ... but Adelaide is not too bad coz the city here is so damn quiet it’s more like an outer suburb in Sydney or Melbourne. My boss asked me yesterday if I was interested in moving to Melbourne for a more upper management position... I politely told him “no fecking way” LOL
  22. Yeah we have white tails coming out of our anus holes when we lived in our last place.... it was on the edge of the the Adelaide hills. Great views.... but bushfires and spiders were a karnt. Decided after that I’m either a full city person for work practicalities (which we are 7 mins from the cbd centre now).... or a full farm person... but living in a normal residential neighbourhood with small blocks etc but with all the down sides on country living was bollocks.

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