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  1. Not really I spoil it with my well over competitive nature lolol I make family scrabble cringeworthy lol
  2. Great minds think alike hey. How’d you go? Not that I’m bragging but I beat tranny by 1stroke today woop woop
  3. Its grown on me, I hated them at first. Now I love the front... not sold on the back though so it’s kinda like a pretty girl with big tits and a flat arse
  4. So my hobby for the last few years is planning. Crazy girl thing with stationery etc... get a lot of stuff from the US... and I use and have thousands of stickers... it makes me calm and gives me a break from reality as well as organised me. I have several planners, work, personal and memory keeping and this year went with a sticker hourly layout but decided I wanted something to doodle my stuff in on the fly and not have to worry about how it looks so much... pretty happy with how it’s turning out getting back into lettering etc. I know guys won’t get this but it’s just my thing... jet thinks I’m nuts lol my normal sticker work layout: My drawing and doodling planner I’ve been working on:
  5. I suggest going down to the beach. That’s generally a good place for top quality sand.
  6. If u got a spare 80k lying around why is your Ute so slow?
  7. Well he didn’t get me the caravan I wanted today but jet was a sweet heart today.... 💘.
  8. Happy Saturday keif went to the caravan show.... found a really nice van 🤔. Have I ever told you how much I love you @JETURBO?
  9. Wmmfg was being away on holidays for the last 8 days.... on the way home today.... that doesn’t mmfg lol.... was a great chance to get away and relax though... back to being a stressed mofo tomorrow lol what did suck slightly was the queen size bed we had to have... when you’re used to super king it feels like you’re sharing a single bed again lol
  10. J@ making me watch Top Gun for the first time. I learnt several things. 1. I definitely wanna ride in a jet one day 100% 2. Goose was my favourite character and when he died I decided the movie is bull chit 3. Kenny Logins is still a baws PS..... Keif the forum is FEKKKKD
  11. Yeah 😞 I think Monday’s should just be a weekend day tbh. It would solve a lot of the worlds problems LOL
  12. Wpmo... woke up in chiiiit pain so had to take my night time pain meds in the morning instead so I could get to work and function. Bad news is I forgot breakfast and so the meds made me slightly drowsy and a lot sick, so I got to work and spent a chunk vomiting in the loo and still fighting nausea now. Managed to hide it from everyone at work so that’s a win.... but hoping tomorrow is a better day.
  13. Nice work gold finger Been prepping for a big presentation at work. Got hired to come in and shake things up, change strategies, change policies, maximise revenue, blah blah Did a presentation on how I feel our financial strategy should be for this year which is a complete opposite to their current strategies. Was packing it. CEO loved my presentation and wants to go for it and the CFO has already emailed me the budget forecast based on my strategies and numbers. Makes me feel good for spending the last three days and nights on it. Lol
  14. Morning all last two weeks has been mad crazy in the new job. Finally feeling like I’m normalising somewhat now and getting used to everyone. Very different environment to what I was used to previously and the team are really fantastic. Hows everyone going around here lately?
  15. Yeah man .... ‘twas 1 degree on the car thermo this morning
  16. Well I got in on the tax time benefits coz j@ surprised me with one of these bad boys when I got home today: Comes with the m12 skin which means it can be used as the external battery for me phone as well... winning!
  17. Ummmm it looks like a light saber when disconnected from the bonnet mount... so of course it’s worth it!!!! Hahah
  18. WMMFG. First week of the new job done and dusted... flat out the whole time, so much to do and so many areas of focus. Absolutely love it. I love the challenge and I love being busy, but more than anything I already love everyone I work with. Friday everyone said it felt like I’d been there forever and it does, totally like home. Finally feeling challenged and productive has made me feel 100x better within myself mentally and I can tell it’s reflecting directly onto my physical health as well, which is huge atm Also had my first round of treatment with no major side effects, which is ASSOME
  19. Slow cooker- decent one on special at Harris’s scarfe will be about $50- on low all day. Ingredients in before work yummy casserole at night also if you’re pressed for time get mashed potato from woolies in the fridge section where the pizza bases are. It is pre made but real mash so it does the job fine. Dinner served in literally five mins.
  20. Omg .... you’re telling me that while I was fashion shopping and didn’t get my $250 coat because I decided to be a tight arse... u didn’t even represent and get us LEGO!!!! *runs back to Myer*

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