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  1. Boys 6th Birthday tomorrow. Surprising him with this.... don’t know if it’s a cool thing yet, but I’ve heard okay things and it’s what he wanted so will see how it goes
  2. Good afternoon ohmos https://I.imgur.com/p71wkkr.gifv
  3. Hoe My Ghad Da feck This state is munted
  4. We have hog breaths. I didnt realise jacks closed. I thought it was still on O’Connell... shows you how long since I’ve been out hahaha
  5. Hot tip with anyone in life.... you cant help people who don’t want the help. Also do a major service normally helps.
  6. Hogs are franchises so some of them are good and some are chit Ive noticed. Havent been to outback jacks in yonks
  7. We went to a sizzler in QLD in 2010. Your memory is rooted.
  8. Didn’t know sizzler did lobster and caviar and $3,000 bottles of champagne. How nice of you to dine with us commoners though. #downtoearthrichierich
  9. Man I miss both my WRXs so much. Would own another in a heart beat. Sensational cars to drive.
  10. Watching Neil Daniher and the Fight MND beanies and ice challenge which is coming up. What a chit disease and a courageous bloke.
  11. When I was doing my HepRenTichip we had to wire up an extra switch for the bucket on an SAPN (power network) truck.... Dirtiest I ever came home... until I started dating J@
  12. Just once I wanna hear someone be like.... I’m in a farrked on mood today.... like it’s that sh*t I’m not even farrked off im farrked on!!! Kinda like being sh*t on... but with farrk brain me work good today not much so
  13. Moaning all. Spent the last last two weeks fighting off sickness from my house full of infected zombies... finally got it.... blows goats feeling like staying in bed all day, but got work. Being an adult sucks!!!! Whats kn the cards for everyone today?
  14. Actually my boss teared up and offered to be a mentor despite me moving to his competition lol.

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