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  1. Happy Birthday kscpauly!

  2. Happy Birthday kscpauly!

  3. Happy Birthday kscpauly!

  4. Happy Birthday kscpauly!

  5. ive tried steves wheels but they said they couldnt get them any more
  6. any luck mate? I am trying to get a set myself I found them here but they want $600 postage which is rediculus http://www.elementwheels.com/proddetail.asp?prod=dec%2D018%2D980%2Dh
  7. this happened to me when I was filling up at bp, found out a lot of people were complaining about the same servo, turned it in the local newspaper they had water in their fuel and was contaminated. that could be a cause as its been raining a lot lately. replaced the fuel pump and filters seems to drive fine now. however because I have a hi flow fuel pump when its on a qrtr or less it surges so you will need a surge tank. hope this helps
  8. Happy Birthday kscpauly!

  9. exactly the same thing happened to my car, took it to a few mechanics and no one could find a fault apart from o2 sensor, finally took it to dyna-mite perfomance in melb they regapped plugs and tested coil packs everything was fine, but they couldnt find the problem. then I took them for a drive and showed them what it was doing and they dyno'd it and tested it, it turned out to be the fuel pump. They put a hi-volume fuel pump in it and havent had a problem since. My car was stock as a rock, nothing done to it. I'd say a hi volume fuel pump will be the answer to your problems
  10. problem came back not happy at all. trading it in on the weekend stupid lemon ford
  11. problem fixed picks up the revs nice and smooth now feels like it goes a little bit harder except the fuel pump is noisy n buzzes all the time now because its a hi flo lol
  12. got my car back today they said the problem got worse when it was with them and they were able to diagnose it as being the fuel pump and filter, so they put a performance hi flo fuel pump and filter and when I picked it up it seemed to go a bit harder and the problem was no longer there but I have only driven it for 30 min I shall drive it harder and see how she goes
  13. that's weird because the only petrol I use is bp 98 ultimate... its at a tuner as we speak and they have tested coils, to plugs, to cats, to fuel systems and cannot find the problem. I will ask them about the bp petrol I thought it was supposed to be the good stuff I only changed the plugs 5000kms ago and they were regapped and everything its got me baffled ive had two different mechanics go over the car top to bottom theres no problems what so ever it seems to only have the problem after 10 min of driving when the car warms up, before that it runs normal.
  14. hi peeps, I have a ba 2003 xr6 turbo, had it for about 6 months its stock standard, its got about 134,000kms I drive it pretty hard, lately ive been driving it and after the car gets hot when I floor it it goes hard til about 3000-4000rpm it feels like it starts hitting a rev limiter and wont accelarate any more then it sounds like its coughing out of the exhaust. ive read a couple of other peoples forums and was told to check the coils plugs and cats, ive had all of these tested and had no faults. the only thing that came up in the diagnostics was a oxygen sensor, but they said this would not make this happen. it only seems to happen every now and then, when the car is cold or been sitting for a while it drives normal and feels normal but after a bit of driving it happens again. any ideas anyone? ive got it at the mechanics now checking it out but they cant seem to find a problem?
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