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  1. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  2. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  3. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  4. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  5. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  6. Low Idle, Stalling...

    Mine had a similar problem. Took it back to the tuners thinking it was a tune problem - turned out to be a blocked throttle body
  7. Sorry in advance for the vague post.. But whats wrong with BP? Yes I realise they mucked up badly of Mexico but has there been a drop in quality of fuel being produced? Or are some people just not going there purely from a moral point of view?
  8. My Build To 500

    Any updates?
  9. Qld Smartcard Drivers License

    My rego just came through. Makes me cringe just the thought
  10. Is Xr6T The Right Car For Me?

    Not once did I say I was a good driver. I said I was a safe driver who practises self control behind the wheel.
  11. Is Xr6T The Right Car For Me?

    Mate, I was simply saying I am able to practice self control when I am behind the wheel of my car. Not saying I can control my car in all circumstances. I accept that I am not an experienced driver nor would I be able to bring everything back if it were to go pear shaped.
  12. Is Xr6T The Right Car For Me?

    I accept the stats are against me and I also accept that an older driver has far more experience and knowledge when it comes to driving a high powered car. I was simply offering my point of view for the chap who was considering buying a XR6 turbo. And no, there will be no door slammed in my face. Nor will I be going to jail. I got my license before the P rules came in, therefore, they do not have an affect on me. Thanks for the heads up though
  13. Is Xr6T The Right Car For Me?

    I was 18 when I first bought my XR6T. I have had no problems with the law and being able to control myself when behind the wheel. Yeah sure, I have given it a boot off the lights every now and then, but all in all, I consider myself to be a safe driver who respects the power of the car. inowereyoulive, they are a great car. Mine has 272rwkw and its very driveable. Generally traction isnt too much of an issue. Its pretty ordinary in the wet but that's a given. Insurance for myself is $1700 a year. I am a 19y/o living in SE Queensland.
  14. Long time reader, first time poster. Thought its time to post my car. Xr6 Turbo MKI. Coming from a modified forester GT, the xr6 is much more driveable. Much comfier ride and the power comes on pretty well when you need it. Only basic mods to start with. I am a bit reluctant to modify any further because of the 4 speed auto and its age and KM (150xxx). Modifications are as follows; Centre muffler removed Injectors FPV front end De-winged Tuned by Hi-torque - currently making 272rwkw If I had my time again I would gone for a BA MKII or BF series. Still impressed with the car and glad I made the change ~6 months ago! Excuse the quality; they were taken off my phone :\
  15. How Many K's Has Your Ba Done?

    2002 BA xr6t with 147xxxk on it. Not quiet 300rwkw but is still going strong!

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