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  1. Happy Birthday mazdarally!

  2. Happy Birthday mazdarally!

  3. Happy Birthday mazdarally!

  4. Happy Birthday mazdarally!

  5. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    That will be good, make sure you come and say hello have a good look
  6. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    Yes your right, not cats just 4" stainless exhaust, is just a race car. It was surprisingly quite on the dyno, sounds really smooth, I never thought to take a video but will do. Will be going to Taupo for a car club track day on the 5th I estimate I have spent around 30 - 35K all up so far
  7. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    It is a non turbo Ba engine I purchased from a wrecker an estimate it to be under 100000k due to the condition, has not been touched other than Crowe Cams valve springs. Had a mate make an exhaust manifold and intake plenium, 4 inch exhaust from turbo with 1 muffler at the back 60mm Tial wastagate plumbed back nto exhaust Standard E throttle 1 x warlbro 255l lift pump to 4 ltr surge tank, 2 x Bosch 044 feed pumps to 1 x -10 fuel line Modified standard injectors modifed and caped (flow 720cc) currently are running at 55% duty cycle Fuel pressure regulator Link G4 extreme ecu 100mm thick intercooler Turbo is something a friend gave me and we put it on based on the fact it looked right beside the engine (seriously it was that technical) Nissan Z32 300zx gearbox with adapter plate, custom flywheel and H/D nissan clutch, custom 1 piece driveshaft Have basically treated it like a japanese engine and the best thing is I can give the nissan guys sh*t about there little 3 ltrs I built it with no expectations of what sort of power or how it would drive, and really just for a bit of fun. Last week I bought a set of 270 x 18 slicks and plan to take it to a track day on the 5th Feburary so that will be the first real drive.
  8. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    No BP 98 Will run E85 later on There is no correction on the torque in that graph but corrected it is 579 Nm
  9. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    Did a little more tuning last night and decided to give it a run to 6000 rpm and made a little more power 325rwkw. Took it for a little run up the road today, awesome
  10. Happy Birthday mazdarally!

  11. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    Cheers, it is easy to see how these engines make big hp, considering this is a non turbo BA engine from a wreckers. I am really looking forward to building a good one and running a bit of boost. We compared the graph to some other cars including a FG turbo with about the same total kw, the graph was very similar but with the FG running 12lbs boost
  12. Xr6T Powered Race Car

  13. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    Car spent a little time on the dyno this week. Currently it has made 318KW @ 5500 on 6LBS boost with a really nice curve. Have a little bit more to do in the mid range but not going to push as I want to go racing before it throws a rod.
  14. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    I dont have any specs on the turbo but I do know they are a very common truck turbo. It is one a friend of mine bought unseen for a subaru but realized it was far to big for that so I got my hands on it, it looks right on the engine (I would really like a GTX series garrett).
  15. Xr6T Powered Race Car

    Have fitted an engine oil cooler with a thermostat sandwich plate (passenger side) and the other cooler is for power steering. Has 6 piston Wilwood grand national calipers and 340mm rotors for the front and 2 piston rears. Ohlins adjustable suspension You may notice the aircon pump is still fitted, I am going to use it as an idler until I come up with a better idea.

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