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  1. Happy Birthday possum!

  2. Happy Birthday possum!

  3. Happy Birthday possum!

  4. it weighed closer to 1400 with the manual trans, it hasnt been weighed with the ZF. hopefully next time out the ET's will be a fair bit quicker
  5. With wheelspin issues on the dyno the most measured was 505rwkw Standard stall average 60ft of 1.8 There are some pictures on Nizpros facebook page "Something *Beep* would say" I havnt taken offence to this as *Beep* is a laugh lol but we are proud of what we have achieved and Qik1s MPH was something we aimed to beat
  6. More of a street car with cage and stickers than drag car, still all steel panels and glass etc. Std IRS rear end and standard turbo with 0.7 front cover We only just pipped ya Qik1!
  7. VIC Nizpro Turbocharging BF F6 6Spd ZF/ Heathcote Park/ 10.025@147.16 Now the Fastest ZF MPH
  8. Has to be a Euro 4 FG F6 ZF 6Spd Xcal3 & tune on E85 $1850 F6 high flow injectors $695 Surge Tank supplied and fitted $1350 Removal of the restrictor ring behind the euro 4 cat Pushed hard should make close to 380 at the tyres on Nizpro dyno and be capable of a 10 in competent hands Obviously slicks and wheels to suit would be additional cost and doesnt factor in breaking anything at the track
  9. I think it would be possible to run a 10 with a euro 4 FG F6 for under 4g (charged at a retail rate, not inc price of slicks) for someone willing to push it on E85 Link to FB page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/139192539576927/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  10. Standard cat (euro 4) is pretty good, easiest and cheapest way is to remove the ring ford put in behind the cat
  11. 8-9mm thick hunk of steel wont flex and adds alot of mass to the rotating assembly
  12. possum

    Fg F6 610 Rwkw

    How did you end up going with the ZF and the exhaust?
  13. Previous owner already has http://youtu.be/5XxgKhkmb18
  14. based on that information with a blend of 85% ethanol, A full tank of fuel with the possibility of phase seperation occuring would require at least 1.734L of water in the tank for a sedan and 2.0655L for a ute. Any fuel with nearly 2l of water in it will cause problems
  15. I dont think that's correct, Nizpro originally intended on only offering a direct replacement shaft that didnt require any modifications to fit, however once some of the earlier shafts were broken it was apparent that they needed to change/offer something stronger. Which came by the way of different materials (still a direct replacement) and the option of using a larger diameter shaft
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