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  1. Power is all made in the head, I am using a 10 year old turbo and standard ECU, so I’m pretty impressed with how it’s all gone. I am using 1mm oversize inlet valves and standard exhaust valves.
  2. Yeah I was very happy with the end result, but the development isn’t going to stop just there. Basically the difference between the last build and this one was a new cooler and intake, dry sump, but most of the power gains have to be attributed to the cylinder head. We are seeing well over 300CFM through the inlet side, and we made peak power at relatively low RPM to what I have seen people revving these engines too. The engine still retains a factory crank and standard stroke at this stage, and all the tuning is done via SCT with the standard ECU. Colin is a wizard with these cylinder heads and I’m stoked that he tells me he has heads coming in the door from all over. I will try and keep this a bit more up to date
  3. Can we please move this to the 1200kw section?
  4. Your biggest challenge is going to be keeping the fungus and rot out, I don’t know your climate too well but a regular dose of a product called Mancozeb should help keep it under control. Looks great though!!
  5. I would love someone to come and empty my complete house. Then I get all new stuff
  6. That is what everyone has said. I must be the only person in Australia who doesn't drink
  7. While I’m at it, this is the new BBQ area I’ve almost finished..
  8. It is just green couch, it gets mowed almost every day, and I have a concoction of different fertilizers and weeders that I use on it. My water bill is also quite impressive haha in winter I oversow it with Rye grass seed, as it thrives in the winter, and then spray it out again come spring.
  9. I have the engine out of it at the moment, making some changes and seeing how we go with some development. I will update this when it’s all back together
  10. 3x 460s in a 5L surge, -6 lines to and from the tank and -8 lines to and from the fuel rail with an FPR2000. Should do the trick!
  11. Some progress on the new fuel system I am installing...
  12. That won't help with detonation being that lean. Might be worthwhile chucking a bore scope down the plug holes and checking the pistons if it has been like that for a while?
  13. Looks sweet mate. I went for 295/55R15 on the rear and a 26x6 on the front. Wheels are JEGS SSR, and MT S/S tyres
  14. Got some new wheels on. Should definitely stick a bit better now.
  15. I was skeptical as I thought you could get nothing better than ARP, but 4 sets of ARP later and the 12.9s are holding on a lot better. I have broken one bolt but I don't think there is much I can do with the brinelling on the crank and the lack of surface to mount to. The crank will have to come out and be repaired at some stage but until then I'm happy pulling the box out every couple of months!
  16. What sort of damage is being done to the clutch?
  17. I have gone to a bit of a frankenstein setup but it seems to work ok. Ditched the ARP bolts and gone to 12.9 socket cap bolts with Atomic washers 3x 11mm dowels, welded to the flywheel. Bolts tightened to 90ft/lbs Made up a plate with 6 holes in it which fits over the bolts and then welded each of the bolts to the plate. Next crank I put in it, I will be looking at running 12 bolts.
  18. Yep and not one sign of it pushing water or doing anything it shouldn't do!
  19. Can you move it for me I have only just scraped in! Have always run the standard Ford one mate, that's what Colin, who built my engine has recommended, so I just popped another one of those on. I got confused with the head studs too, and they are in fact the 12mm Atomic studs, I wound them up to 120ft/lb, gradually from around 80, and they didn't show any sign of being overtightened. I think one day when I pull the engine out I might look at the 14.3 studs. Still the stage 2 as well lol, I will upgrade that sometime soon as well, but its coping fine in the cooler weather. I want more already, but moreso some more control over the fueling, so I am waiting to see what happens when Haltech release their plug and play unit.
  20. Fuel system currently is that pump I got off you in the tank with a PW Surge with 2x 460s. I am going to upgrade that to 3x 460s in a bigger surge tank in the coming weeks just for a bit more safety at sustained boost. We ended up at around 40psi.
  21. Yeah it doesn't do much for a while! It is still nice to drive around off boost but when the boost ramps in everything happens in a hurry!
  22. It was a long night with Clint, but we made some good power. Its definitely exciting when it comes on boost, I've never been in anything like it.

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