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  1. Happy Birthday Dr Z!

  2. Happy Birthday Dr Z!

  3. Happy Birthday Dr Z!

  4. Happy Birthday Dr Z!

  5. Happy Birthday Dr Z!

  6. Thanks for scanning the dyno charts. Here are my views: 1. In stock form, that dyno reading of 164.9 rwkw is on the low side. In fact, I cannot recall seeing any lower on an auto XR6T unless there was something amiss with the car. Anyone else recall lower? Given this, I would have the car totally checked over, all hoses, intakes etc to make sure everything is OK. 2. It would be good to see your AFR's if you have them. Like gogo, I am concerned that your torque is not very strong down low then tapers off quickly. With some more adept tuning with the AFR, tining and boost you could get that fatter torque earlier holding up with AVERAGE power being higher. 3. This may seem like a silly question, though lets check everything. How much torque management has been adjusted? How much do you feel comfortable with? Do you want the torque tags taken down to their lowest levels? If so, check with CRD that this is what they have given you. I hope this helps and no doubt other community members will share their insights too. Safe and happy driving...Dr Z.
  7. Dr Z

    Abuse Mode

    Good point. I guess an engine manufacturer's reply would include that they are quoting a maximum power figure. What I was hoping community members would share, is their noticeable experiences of this "Abuse Mode" kicking in with "bumometer" or "seat of the pants" differences in power delivery. What did you notice? When did you notice? How did it come about? Did you do anything about it? etc
  8. Dr Z

    Abuse Mode

    The April 2006 issue of Motor Magazine is a great read and is a keeper for posterity since it heralds the beginning of the Ford/FPV domination era over Holden/HSV with the Australian PCOTY results. With VE Late model camira expecting to lug a lot more weight than the VZ, that domination is expected to continue, hopefully for a LONG time. On page 120 and 121 there is a good read on "Abuse Mode" or Torque Management. For anyone who ever wonders why their car appears inconsistent in power delivery, this is a good read. The second last paragraph specifically covers the turbocharged Barra in the XR6T and F6. I have scanned and attached the article here. It would be great to hear how our community members can relate to this article. Share your experiences. How can you better manage this Abuse Mode? Edit. Safe and happy driving...Dr Z.
  9. Dr Z

    Xr6t Mods

    Transmission oil cooler as soon as possible with that tune.
  10. Glad its not C&V. You now have good benchmarks provided by our community to share with CRD so they can be more in touch with your tuning expectations matching those achieved by other tuners. If they dont sort it out for you, PM me. Best wishes.
  11. Sloppy work. Tell him Dr Z said so too and by all means print this thread out so they are more in touch with what other tuners are delivering for their customers down the strip. The early low down torque that Edit can deliver, particularly with the Torque Management benefits the Edit provides, is the massive difference in strip times compared with comparable piggyback tunes. PM me for more details and I can also share my dyno graphs. Hope you sort this out soon.
  12. In that case, forget everything I said.. ..they are SO out of touch!
  13. Dr Z


    13.0 is lean and 11.5 is getting richer Good pwr figure Marcus but I would be concerned about it leaning out to 13.0 though CYA JEFF <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, as I said, "richer starting from 13.0 then sub 12.0 down to 11.5 AFR.". 13.0 is clearly the leanest mix.
  14. Congrats Sutty! Hope you get on top of your new challenge soon to set even quicker times! Safe and happy driving...Dr Z.
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