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  1. Happy Birthday illys!

  2. Happy Birthday illys!

  3. Happy Birthday illys!

  4. Happy Birthday illys!

  5. Happy Birthday illys!

  6. what did you pay for your redback system? and whats the size?
  7. Hey there guys, I am new to ford so I don't really know much about them. But I have just purchased a BA xr6 Ute and just wondering what is a good exhaust system? does pacemaker make kits for the BA's? also Ive heard redback isn't good so just wondering what you guys have on your Utes so I can have a fair idea of what to get.
  8. I hardly see these cars ive been in a gto b4 they hammer im assuming this will 2.
  9. just get a rag and clean it dont hose it and sh*t once u got a electrical problem its the biggest headahce.
  10. why dont you guys just service it yourself much easier and you know its done properly because your doing it yourself and its not hard changing the oil leads and plugs.
  11. mods you can close this thread I have found the solution for this.
  12. I have just bought a BF rear bumper bar for my BA ute and I have noticed that the reverse light has been deleted in the BFs bumper so now I have to buy bf rear tail lights and do a connection from the bumper bit has any body done this before? and does ford sell looms?
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