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  1. Happy Birthday 21220!

  2. Happy Birthday 21220!

  3. Happy Birthday 21220!

  4. Happy Birthday 21220!

  5. A GS modded up would be nice! Same s*** different note!

  6. Good work mate, that looks really good. I know how much effort that would have taken. This will be great to show my wife, our wagon is very ordinary looking. This will give her an idea of what a wagon should look like and hopefully plant the seed for the next round of mods.
  7. This looks good. Did a little interweb research and it looks to stack up, this is going on a lot of motorbike opinions though. Seriously considering this unless someone can explain otherwise?
  8. Thanks Kroozin Has been a fun project so far. Can't wait to surprise a few people myself, wife seems to be getting all the fun at the moment. Impellor Sorry mate, didn't end up doing a before tune run, really wanted to just to see how well the kit worked. The tuner seemed happy enough with the kit, he has no problem telling me when he thinks something is crap. Going by the internal butt dyno, I'm guessing around 20-30kw before the tune? It seemed to have a bit more go on full noise but the biggest noticeable difference was with partial throttle openings. Here it became a different car, heaps more responsive and a lot more power for the same amount of throttle compared to the stock gear. But once it was tuned, completely different car again with a lot more power everywhere!
  9. Finally got the wagon tuned. She is now running 271rwkw @ 12psi. Getting used to the 4 speed, 1st gear is friggin long lol, this is compared to the 6 speed ZF in the phoon. Anyhow, wife is very happy and starting to give a few a people a surprise off the lights. Next step, brakes and suspension.....
  10. Veva, have you heard about the Aeromotive 16306 fuel controller? I'm thinking about it as my car is mostly street and I'm also aiming for the 450kw on E85. http://www.turbomagazine.com/tech/turp_0902_aeromotive_fuel_pump_controller/viewall.html Link mainly sounds like a sales pitch but gives you a good idea about what it does. Anyone know if this would be worth it for street cars running A1000s?
  11. Just about to fit an aeromotive plazmaman surge as well. Went for this over the twin 44s more to do from a safety point, read somewhere on the forum about potential danger if you have one 44 fail and don't notice until you wind it up. Safer to have your car not running at all from a pump failure than 1/2 running and leaning out.
  12. Im stuffed, took me almost 10 hours yesterday to put the V3 rapids kit on my own. A lot of the time was spent putting in the new hot side pipe, PIA getting all of the alignments rights. Running around at moment on stock tune, next step will be flash, injectors, and valve springs
  13. Hey mate Sounds like the exact same exhaust setup as my wifes xr6t wagon. It is still running the stock tune and we dynoed it with the 3" cat back just to make sure AFRs were ok and it hit 182rwkw, AFRs were fine as well. I have been told by tuners that if you have the right intake mods, tune, injectors, etc you should be able to hit 300rwkw with this exhaust, my understanding is that having this exhaust restriction should help prevent over boost if this is the power level your after. If you want to go more than this though (you said 350rwkw) you will need to go bigger and probably have to think about mods to control your boost ie flapper mod. I am probably wrong and happy to be corrected lol
  14. Can you buy a 3" quad system for a BF F6? Im currently running a herrods quads setup that came with the car, have upgraded to a 3.5" split dump and hi flow cat since. Car is running 411rwkw with this setup on E85 with supporting mods. Im not positive, but I think the quad is running a 2.5" split quads after the cat, is it possible to get a 3" split and would this be the same or better then getting a 3.5" single? Im just about to buy a original typhoon single rear bumper insert, so I can run the bigger single. I still really like the idea of running quads as it adds to the WTF is that factor and also has a really nice note. Thinking of going to a 4" bell mouth dump and 3.5" or even 4" single straight through with hi flow cat. Apparently the exhaust is now the limiting factor for further power. Would like to hit 450rwkw. Still running stock turbo with billet wheel and .5 housing (soon to be upgraded to .7 housing). Cheers
  15. Still learning so please don't flame lol. Why would you use a engine oil cooler? Is it do with power levels or driving conditions? I would have thought that changing your thermostat would sort out temp issues. Honest question just trying to understand why people fit them?
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