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  1. Sa Members

    Hey lads how hard is it to change the 3 rear diff bushes in a TTG? Also gotta do the rear control arm bushes. Is it worth attempting myself or just paying a workshop to do it. Cheers
  2. Sa Members

    Seems like everyone is parting with there toys lately..given the ridiculous price of fuel lately its no wonder.. Sold my F6 Bosco sold his F6, FOON is looking at offing his, now darryl, forum will be full of bicycle riders soon
  3. Sa Members

    Top effort jetter, good to see all the $$$ ppl are spending are paying off with good numbers...missing my ride..the TTG doesnt quiet make me moist like the F6 did....have to start looking for a new toy I think as the mrs has taken the TTG from under me!
  4. Sa Members

    Any one know what involved with selling personalized plates...Wanna get rid of my KWIKF6 plates...don't quiet suit the TTG..Is it just a matter of selling them or do I have to tell Moter Reg I wanna sell them.
  5. Sa Members

    I had to get the grinder on my front bar to fit my V3.5 kit. Just notched out the corners to make it fit..
  6. Sub Install On Stock Head Unit

    The line convertors are piece of piss to set up..install a 12" sub and amp in my brother xr6 ute with stock head unit...
  7. Sa Members

    Welcome mate, You will find plenty of info here to help with the modding adventure... And Bruce knows his sh*t so if he tell you you need or dont need something take his advice...He is the best tuner in SA so you new ride is in good hands
  8. Sa Members

    Picked up my TTG today...Awesome ride, has plenty of pull being a AWD...very impressed with the whole setup....should have bought one ages ago..
  9. Sa Members

  10. Sa Members

    Guys since the F6 is gone I have 50 - 55 liters of Elf Race Fuels " RACE SPEC E85" that needs a new home.. It retails for $2.80 a liter and can only be bought in a 200L drum. This is the fuel the rally cars run when they are in Adelaide..This stuff is like the porn of fuels.. Almost good enough to drink Happy to sell it of for $100. I have 2 x 20L Jerries full and 1 x 5L Jerrie full and still have about 10 litres left in the 200L drum. I can put it all back into the 200L drum if ppl want the drum happy to sell off in jerries however I will want my jerries back. I also have a 44 gallon drum hand pump which is compatible with E85 fuels. Cost me $130 but can go for $70 is anyone needs one. So $170 for fuel and pump or $100 for fuel. The drum is a handy way to store your fuel rather than have a million jerries laying around. Just pump and go.
  11. Sa Members

    Sorry Daz SLY beat you to it....
  12. Sa Members

    Pic of the new beast..Will loose the nudge bar though.
  13. Sa Members

    tried uploading some but it keeps coming up with a error
  14. Sa Members

    Yeah traded the F6 for a Territory Turbo Ghia in ego..Did a trade with the owner...He was chasing a play car so worked out well... Looks the goods, full leather, premo sound, reverse sensors and camera, 18" wheels, ZF auto..
  15. Sa Members

    Anyone in need of a ZF cooler...Its the furious kit that is advertised on ebay..Comes with cooler, hoses and bypass fittings. Also has mounting brackets... $160

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