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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to lower the front of my car abit but wana get opinions on what is the best way to go about it. I can either get my SL springs compressed about the 20mm I want or get SSL's. Will compressing my SL's affect there performance? How much lower are SSL compared to SL in the front? Cheers
  2. No turbo flapper mod but looking into it. I'm happy to just tune it how it is really, wana preserve my gearbox so not after huge power. Just nice and reliable. Will talk to my tuner and go from there. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks for replies. I was thinkin around that power. In not looking die huge power I jus want something that's guna be safe and realiable. I haven't spoken to a tuner about power or boost levels ratter, iv just gone out and got/done the mods I knew I would need. Then I'l head and talk to the tuner
  4. Haven't really set a number. About 14psi Or so
  5. Hey guys. I'm looking to get a Retune soon (for the 2nd time lol) and I'm interested in seeing what power you think itl make. Mods are: 3.5inch dump, 200cpi cat, quad 2.5 inch exhaust, 60lb dekas, UB intake, plazmaman 800hp cooler(hot and cold side piping) and 12lb actuator,plus valvesprings. The car is a BA Cheers
  6. I didn't think they were but looking at mine it's as if it's peeling off. So I dunno what the go is. Il post a pic up soon. Yeh painting it all is an option ay, I could always paint it then iv I don't like it get the lip machined yeah? Cheers
  7. If it is machine then should I just get the face painted then get the lip machined afterwards...?
  8. Yeh I didn't think so but the silver part on mine has started to peel.... So I figured it had something on it
  9. Hey guys. I'm getting my genuine dark argents painted this coming weekend (finally). I have the correct paint but I'm a little worried about getting the lip painted in the right silver colour. I wanted people's help on what they think the lip colour is? Obviously silver but should I just say it's a chrome silver or polished silver? Any help would be great Cheers
  10. thanks for the replies guys ahh so it would seem its not to uncommon. but obviously better if it doesnt happen lol I did know that on a cold night it will push a few more PSI but it worried me when I saw 16 lol (however it was only on my boost gauge which may not be 100% accurate anyway lol) Im looking to do the actuator and posting/flapper with my nxt tune, along with plazmaman cooler and valvesprings so hopefully can control the boost properly. cheers guys michael
  11. Both stock. It's going for a tune very soon, with both porting/flapper and actuator getting done..
  12. Hey guys Over the last few days iv noticed my boost gauge going to 15-16psi but it's tuned to 12psi. It has been on cold nights but I was/ am still a little worried. Should I be worried?? Maybe the actuator not controlling the boost? Cheers Michael
  13. orite yeh that's basically what I have currently, except F6 cooler and not Monza. Mine was only boosting to 12psi so made less power. I figured with a new cooler and possible actuator (and valvesprings because its a BA) I should make 300 cheers
  14. Oh did ya. What mods was that with? I'm thinking I might just do cooler and valvesprings and tune it to around 300. That way the gearbox can survive abit better and the performance will be better and more consistent (with the new cooler). I can pull the turbo off myself and for the actuator if people think that it will help with controlling the boost

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