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  1. Happy Birthday dan(nthqld)!

  2. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    I have a 2004 BA mk2 xr6t and today it started playing up. I have just been on a long trip from townsville to sydney and back (over a few days) and on the way back about 400km from home the car started feeling a bit sluggish. Whilst going to overtake a car I planted the right foot down, car started coming up to speed then all of a sudden the power just disappeared. it was like I was driving a n/a. Felt like no boost getting through at all. I could hear the turbo spooling just fine, just wasnt creating power. I slowed right down then speed up slowy keeping it under 3grand. Nothing happened all seemed fine. as soon as I started putting the foot right down to higher revs it did it again. I have put spitfire through it but it doesnt seem to be a fuel issue as there is no rough idle now rough acceleration when revs are down low. Im not sure here but could this be a problem with the waste gate actuator not functioning correctly? Car is completely stock and only had it serviced about 3000kms ago. If u need any more info let me know Thanks edit: also forgot to mention wen accelerating at the high revs I can hear like a fffffut ffffut sound from the exhaust
  3. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    Na I take it to honeycombs, their audi service centre (where I bought the car). I am taking it to a mates on sat, hes got a sniffer for afr readings so I can check my fuel pump, gonna change fuel filter aswell. Give the cat a kick to see if it rattles lol
  4. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    driving it home tonight, temp was cooler then normal. car went like nothing was wrong at all, apart from the loud turbo spooling (which I think is do do with the piping, will look at it on weekend). No power loss watsoever. So wat could make the car lose power on hot days, but wen cool not affect it at all. Could this be coil packs?
  5. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    yea I have already done that to the solenoid. Having a really good look at it this weekend. will pull off every pipe and inspect, and also have a good look at plugs and coils.
  6. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    yep no mods watsoever, apart from k&n panel filter
  7. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    Did your car make the loud spool sound of the turbo? like pretty loud lol
  8. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    Took car to mechanics today. They hooked it up to diagnostic tool, no fault codes. They took it for test drive and it wouldnt play up. I stopped in the afternoon and went for drive with them. Couldnt get it to do it - Whilst driving home I gave it a stab and there it was. It feels even worse now, losing a lot of power, and also you can hear the turbo spooling loud as, normally very quiet. Ive checked all intake pipes and vacumn hoses and everything I can think of for boost leaks and nothing. So now im stumped. Dunno wat to do. is there a way to test coil packs other then try them on a different car? Im thinking its either them or a spark plug, but apparently no miss was showing on the computer they connected :S
  9. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    had a look for boost leaks. there was a hose disconnected near the "blow off valve". I placed it back on and drove it. seemed fine. drove it the next day and problems again. dunno if I just got lucky or wat. seems to be no other boost leaks. there was a small bit of oil in the turbo. only a small amount and a little bit on the intake side. is this normal? thanks turbo I am trying to get the car in this week so they can have a look at the coil packs and plugs
  10. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    na its not spluttering, revving up its fine til about 3000rpm then the power disappears, then it will stay without power all the way to 6grand whilst making intermitent ffffut fffffut sounds out of the exhaust
  11. Rough Acceleration At High Revs

    Well since ive had the car, just over a year, I have never replaced them so I presume they have never been changed. im trying to put the car in this week to see if it can get fixed. Thanks
  12. Remote Central Locking Not Working?

    I doubt very much that it would be the door actuator. As he said it locks when you use the key. A faulty door actuator wouldnt "lock" with key or without. Id check your connections first.
  13. Dvd Handbrake Cable

    If I do not connect this to the handbrake, will it have to be earthed? or can I just leave it taped up and disconnected
  14. Speaker Crackling?

    hey guys, got 2 pairs of soundstream picasso 5x7's in my car, had them for about two months now. Havent had it overly loud but when I turned the car on this morning I noticed a crackling coming from the left rear. I dont think the speakers have carked it as they are near new, and I have checked all connections and everything seems fine there. Is there anything else I should be looking at before I resort to contacting the speaker manufacturer? Cheers, Daniel
  15. Speaker Crackling?

    Its a fusion powerplant 800. runs 110wrms on 4ohms and 220 bridged on 2 ohms. I have had it for a couple of years now and never failed me once
  16. Speaker Crackling?

    yea I had a look at that alrdy bjc thanks. Pretty sure its wat smicky has suggested. o well looks like a new pair of speakers heading my way =\
  17. Speaker Crackling?

    well I dont think they are either overpowered or underpowered. Amp rating is 110wrms and the speakers are 100wrms, so I dont think this is the problem. The speakers have been tuned in and are never turned up excessively loud. The level adjustment on the amp is set to about 2/3'rds of the way. Should this be set to full power and the volume turned down so it has full power from the amp, or leave it where it is
  18. Speaker Crackling?

    Soundstream Picasso speakers. Price was around $130 for the pair. Had a look at the warranty card and it says $15 US for postage but I am going to give the number in melbourne I think it is..(03 9338 number) and see what they can do for me. Havent even had them for 2 months =\
  19. Speaker Crackling?

    Just swapped speakers over on amp. Pressed in on the cone and all seems to be fine, no grinding noise. Pulled the speaker out of the parcel shelf and faded in and out fo the two rear speakers. Sounds like there is no bass coming from the bad speaker so I am assuming its the woofer that's gone inside it. When you play a bassy song it crackles then makes a small beep, stops playing, then comes back on. Got a feeling the speaker has sh*t itself. Looks like shipping overseas for a warranty claim =\
  20. Speaker Crackling?

    Amp seems fine with all other speakers. Have faded the sound out to each speaker and its only the left rear. They are mounted straight into the hole. They are a perfect fit as I chose these ones with a mounting depth that would not need the spacers. Amp should have sufficient power for the speakers. If I recall correctly I think the amp puts out a constant 120wrms and the speakers max is 110wrms. I will check the voice coil out in the morning and the only wires I have not checked are the rca leads into the back of the dvd player. Thanks for the help!
  21. Door Open Alarm?

    somethin has stumped me my "door open" alarm on the dash keeps coming up and does not go off whenever I start/drive my car. I have opened every door, closed, reopened and closed again but the light does not seem to be going off. My door lock actuator has burnt the motor out (again) by the looks of it and im wondering if this could be the cause of it? the door does shut and you cannot open it unless you fully lift the handle so it looks like the mechanism is closing over the arm. Does anyone have any idea why this light might keep coming on? Cheers, Daniel
  22. Door Open Alarm?

    yea mate already tried several times
  23. Door Open Alarm?

    04 MK II XR6 Turbo No work done on car to affect electrics. (other then door actuator replaced about 3 months ago, now needing new one) No problems at all with car (other then door actuator once replaced) Problem happens whenever I turn the car on. The alarm will not go off even though all doors are opened and close fully. Problem has only been occuring the the past two days, since the door actuator broke again. But somehow I dont think this will affect it? Hmm that's about all the info I have that is relevant.
  24. Dvd Handbrake Cable

    yea I thought so. thanks guys
  25. Wiring Head Deck

    hey guys, just wondering wat gauge wire I need to use to wire up my dvd player. does it have to be type fig 8 with the small thin copper wires, or can it be 1 or 2.5mm wire. Cheers Daniel

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