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  1. Hey guys. Been such a long time since I've been on the forums. How is everyone? Last time I had any contact was ages ago!!! Smurfs still in action, well wasn't for 2 years as I was rebuilding bigger and better. Anyone in Sydney?
  2. Any day would be fine for me. I haven't been to an event in a while
  3. Its been a while since I went on one of these. Count me in ! Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  4. Happy Birthday SMURF6!

  5. Happy Birthday SMURF6!

  6. Happy Birthday SMURF6!

  7. Im definitely in and will be meeting at liverpool
  8. So just angle grind the welds and then remove the piece ?
  9. I need some help rolling my rear guards on the FG ute. I have heard a million different stories on how to do it so I decided to create this topic and try get a step by step guide put together from everyone who has done it.
  10. Epic failed my guards. Anyone know someone in Sydney who has successfully rolled the guards on the FG utes and how much.
  11. they're there for a reason, I've seen the tub bend very easily. Not going to risk it for a dirty offset. Might revert back to stock wheels for now.
  12. FIXED with Malwood Weld-in Tramp Rods. I literally did my first decent burnout as I left the welders workshop for a minute on the spot, no tramping at all. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
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