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    fast cars, even faster bikes. Anything that uses petrol and goes fast or destroys lots. Oh titts & beer

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  1. Happy Birthday XR09!

  2. Happy Birthday XR09!

  3. Happy Birthday XR09!

  4. Happy Birthday XR09!

  5. Sugar sends me off...specially when it's in red. Drank that red Absolute one night...ended up in emergency getting sewn up....drunk boys cant fly
  6. I'm stuffed. Had to race to Bris last night at 3.00am. Mate had to go to hospital. He had a hearty about ten months ago and not really well. Has a bad flu and thought he was gunna die. Then go through hell at the hospital with them ... about him. Then a couple of young plod got involved.... Thought I was going to spend the rest of the night in a cell. Raced the sun home to get ready to go to work and find another close friend in my bed... She lost her kid to cancer a bit over a couple of years ago. Went off the rails and has sort of come good. She wakes up and starts bawling her eyes out. She chucked in her job...not a bad thing as she is a manager of a brothel....wasn't always, just really went off the rails when the kid died...understandable. But time she was herself again and liked life. She is a very good person. Same as old mate, I took to hospital. He went off the rails, became a junkie and robbed banks so forth to pay for it... 14 years solid before they let him out.. No idea how I have stayed so strait when all my friends are so bent ??? haha Life throws some funny curve balls... I was just going to have a quite week this week
  7. lol Are you negging adie ? I hate waiting for shoite from ebay.... I just paid........... and I want it now. Off to bed to fap so I sleep and one days wait is ova
  8. I just bought another guitar on flee bay. Yamaha 604W. Still in imaculate nic............Hate flee bay...I want it now
  9. Mainly use super pro, Tein, Koni and Bils. King and eibach on sports Is it a Fulcrum service center or a sub ? Subs can use whateva
  10. My daughter wants one of those dogs... I said only if she calls it freak. Speaking of what made me feel good...or freaks The girl I think is gorgeous at work, ms Gappy..mmm gap... Well she bent down and fell down today and hit her head.... That made me laugh. As she did it right in front of me I also got to see her undies and bottom.....mmmm bottom That made me feel good
  11. Left over home made satay, or left over bought pizza for lunch...Getting on the squirt at the surf club and betting on stupid horses. Need something to throw up later. If I put a buck on a nag it will pull up lame for sure. I've much better luck with the dish lickers...and their funnier. Don't know jack about either, stupid game really, something to do whilst one enialates oneself
  12. I'm starting to worry me. No surf, don't feel like a ride, hate woman. I feel like getting smashed and playing guitar very loud...like now, it's 7am........................Does that matter ??? Should I just blame woman??
  13. A mate rang yesterday and said he was trading in his R1. Buying a Triumph 675, Tosser I thought. More money than god and cant ride for shoite..... .....He picked it up at lunchtime.. He just text. He has thrown the new bike down the road lol....luv that shoite and got half what he paid for his new R1 last year...ten grand trade on a year old R1...would hate to be selling anything right now

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