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  1. Happy Birthday rsracing_com_au!

  2. Happy Birthday rsracing_com_au!

  3. Happy Birthday rsracing_com_au!

  4. Happy Birthday rsracing_com_au!

  5. Happy Birthday rsracing_com_au!

  6. Thanks, I've currently got an EL 340,000+km and my LPG fuel economy isn't much better than that. I'm debating whether to go for an XR8 or the XR6T? I travel 140km round trip to work every day and tow an enclosed motorbike trailer interstate to go 125GP racing. The trailer weighs about 500-600kg fully loaded so its not heavy but its over long distances, eg; adelaide to vic, nsw and qld. would the XR6T have any problems with this?
  7. Hi, I'm looking a getting a BA-BF XR6T Ute and converting to LPG. I need some advice on the best gas injection kit to fit. Also, if anyone has stats on LPG/ULP fuel consumption it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help. Ryan Seaman www.rsracing.com.au
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