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  1. Happy Birthday corkey!

  2. Happy Birthday corkey!

  3. Happy Birthday corkey!

  4. Happy Birthday corkey!

  5. Happy Birthday corkey!

  6. I removed the filter gauze out of mine and fitted the earls inline kit
  7. I have bent 2 left hand axles! one standard and one lowered, its the axle tramp that caused mine to bend :(
  8. corkey

    Fg Ute Axle Tramp

    yeah mate, pretty sure mal wood does top mounted tramp rods and aussiemusclecars.com sell them as well (low mount)
  9. I got a cat back exhaust with hurricane mufflers, sounds pretty good
  10. I bough my 2008 manual turbo ute in jan 2009 for 36,500 brand new, all stock except for the 18's (dash green)
  11. corkey

    Fg Tailshafts

    not true. I have pedders leaf springs in my fg ute, which were full replacements. the top spring has been flipped and new eye bushes for about $400 bucks(not fitted)
  12. corkey

    Fg Ute Axle Tramp

    mine is the king of tramp!! never used too when I bought it but ever since I lowered it and put the 20's on it, it has been a nightmare
  13. corkey

    Cruisin' The Coast

    I might come along on this cruise. its been a while......

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