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  1. Happy Birthday deanodirt!

  2. Happy Birthday deanodirt!

  3. Happy Birthday deanodirt!

  4. Happy Birthday deanodirt!

  5. Hi, has anyone uploaded some picks on putting this thing on, I bought one due to my standard one has its rubber coming out in the middle. Regards Dean
  6. Had a chat with Dave with my tune I can get a dump flange put on after the cat to stop fluctuations in flow and help prevent over boost also when I race I use octane boost with BP ultimate which will help prevent pinging I will move the battery over to the passenger side and setup the pod filter where the battery was with a set of slicks will hopefully get a 12 which Dave said is pretty good for a manual car, due to the time loss with gear change. Regards Dean
  7. Thanks for the replies gents, would it be of benefit to get a dump pipe after the cat to reduce the over boost issue, I would like to set up a drag tune and a normal tune for the street it is a bit of a drive heading to mackay to see Dave each time unless there is someone in Townsville that can be trusted to do this the car had been previously tuned in townsville and I was not happy with the tune that's why I went to Dave. any ideas would be appreciated. with the 1st to 4th wouldn't that bog down not sure if that's what you are trying to get across. Regards Dean
  8. I have 45 profile 18" and pressure was around 35 which is a bit high going to get some slicks, gear change is a bit ordinary it was my first time having a run what is the cheaters 6 speed? with the current tune Dave said I could change the exhaust and would not need to have a retune but it would be a bit different to running straight out of the dump pipe I suppose. thanks for the feedback
  9. Hi all, Took the the XR6 turbo to townsville drags the other night, it is BA seriesII 6 speed manual I have had it tuned in Mackay by Dave currently running 304RWKW I ran a best of 13.2 at 108mph with a gentle launch, tried a hard launch and got a 14 it spun 1st 2nd and 3rd to 1/2 track. I am going out again soon things I will try slicks for traction to start with still running stock inlet will try running a pod filter on the turbo ,thinking of getting a flange put in the exhaust between the turbo discharge and the catalytic convertor and move the exhaust to the side when dragging, I have a standard exhaust with centre muffler removed. is there any other things I can try and are there any issues with dropping the exhaust? Regards Dean
  10. Hi all, I am from Tville as well waiting on a clutch and trying to find an intercooler then going to Makay to get Dave to weave his magic. then I will hit the drags and see how I go. Regards Dean
  11. Hi Mike, Replaced my plugs and after 2 days it is missing under load it idles well but when I get up it, it is missing changed my plugs then found your great step by step process after. I dropped mine down the hole rather than lowering, do you think this may have closed the gap on one or more and be causing the miss only had the car 5 days. 2004 XR6turbo standard with 6 speed manual 88000 ks have ordered a flash tuner and have replaced the air cleaner with a K&N filter. any advise greatly appreciated. Regards Dean
  12. I have upgraded from a 2005 Ford Focus Zetec 107kw to 240kw much beter looking to get the flash tuner soon

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