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  1. Happy Birthday 82CNT!

  2. Happy Birthday 82CNT!

  3. Happy Birthday 82CNT!

  4. Happy Birthday 82CNT!

  5. Happy Birthday 82CNT!

  6. 82CNT

    Ford Wins Again

    Good on them they have done it tough for a while at DJR. PS eat a fat one to lowndes and wincup
  7. fark if I wasnt working you could swing by and pick me up! Keep me posted
  8. I had the exact same noise from mine. never resolved it but sold it. I was worried though done it when it was stock too. Dont know but check all the manifold bolts I never got to the lower ones?????? it sounded like a belt up high when I backed off the throttle
  9. After changing the rail, pump and injectors to suit the e85 can u have a tune still for 98 and 85. Basically can u still run 98 with the upgraded system or is it toooo large for 98? Does that sound dumb???? Its early morning forgive me.
  10. I might lack some power but I will say if we hit some twisties look out cause dam even stock suspension made my T feel like a boat! Sorry ill stop the mean words.
  11. I sold my T but would it be frounded upon to bring a 300zx TT
  12. You prob wont get any power gain by adding a cooler without a retune. Although u will suffer less heat soak. U will be able to push more power than before with the monzo only with a retune.
  13. 82CNT

    First Tune

    Possible yeah but did they suggest any other mods you may want to do to ease the load. Maybe a cooler. Id say at that PSI on a stock cooler isnt something I would do. Not that I can talk I have an F6 cooler.
  14. I know the GT sounds good but maybe a GS still putting good figures and alot cheaper!
  15. Same as above. Nice mod list though I say chuck on a surge tank. Good for 11's for sure with something sticky up back
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