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  1. Happy Birthday Christoph Clark!

  2. Happy Birthday Christoph Clark!

  3. Happy Birthday Christoph Clark!

  4. Happy Birthday Christoph Clark!

  5. Happy Birthday Christoph Clark!

  6. Hi Guys, I was just wondering how much trouble I would have trying to get the car as shown in the attached link through Regency? Im pretty sure they wouldnt be too happy about the tint, but im not fussed about having to pay to get that changed. What about the rims, ride height, etc? Is there anything major I need to worry about? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. FG in NSW
  7. I went to the one at Keswick. I agree other stores may be different?
  8. Steer clear of Pedders mate. I took my beast there a couple of months ago for a simple wheel alignment. They rang me a couple of hours later to tell me there was $4k worth of "life threatening" problems with the suspension. They ended up on A Current Affair a couple of weeks later for trying to rip people off.
  9. Spent xmas in Renmark, and it was the missus turn to drive home. Hence the *beep* driving. Told her to catch up, but she was having none of it. Now I got the rims and the tune from bruce, lookin forward to a cruise with you boys.
  10. Jet, You prob already know this but one of your tail lights are out. Saw you cruisn hanson rd last night. Lookin for some luvin were ya?
  11. yeh man the good old crazy horse is always a popular choice when getting loose ok girls can we get a definate numbers on this sh*t jet bloosted adrian ted timbo angry trev-(your bloody cumming) rocco mitch? dave? Christoph
  12. Yeah Im down. Lookin forward to meeting you guys. I must warn though, Im straight.
  13. Got them through Jack baker tyres (tyrepower mile end) they fit them, stripped the rubber from my original rims, then realised the new rims didnt quite fit at the rear. Their solution was a 5mm spacer for each rim at the rear. I told them that I thought this was illegal, they just swore it was legal and it would be fine? Not happy really, dont know what my options are really?
  14. Yeah well, you would hope these guys would know what they were doing when they fitted the new wheels? They put on the rims, and they didnt quite fit, and their solution was to fit 5mm spacers. You put trust in someone (supposedly professionals in their field)and they find a way to fusk it up?
  15. Hey fellas, I got my new rims on Tuesday. However, the tyre place needed to use a 5mm spacer? I always thought these were illegal? The tyre joint assured me these are legal? What should I do? Any thoughts?

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