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    Ford Bf Falcon Mk2 XR6 Turbo

    Ford Bf Falcon Mk2 XR6 Turbo
  2. lowfutura


    Latest round of mods
  3. lowfutura


    From the album: Lowfutura

  4. lowfutura

    Downshift 60T U

    From the album: Lowfutura

  5. lowfutura

    Brembos and C5's

    From the album: Lowfutura

  6. About time I got this thing back on the road...

  7. lowfutura

    60T U 1

    From the album: Almost Done

  8. lowfutura

    Almost Done

    A couple of pics of the new paint. Colour is 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera- Cream White, with House of colour style gold Flip through the clear coat. Wasn't sure about the two tone so I'm changing to black carbon fibre style turret..
  9. lowfutura

    4 Inch reverse cowl bonnet

    From the album: Almost Done

  10. lowfutura

    Front Brakes Locked On..

    I Took my BF2 front callipers off the car at 1500Km (new) and upgraded the braking system. I have just rebuilt the car and moved every thing over to a new bare body shell and refitted the factory BF2 Discs and callipers. At first start up and brake peddle test the front brakes locked on and won't release even after the car was turned off, it is almost as if the brake pistons have seized (while they were off the car the were well stored with no moisture). I am wondering if this could be an ABS issue? Would re-flashing the computer and downloading the factory software be the answer? I would apreciate any suggestions.
  11. I'm Doing a full colour change re-paint on the Falcon, Does any one know how to get the vin tag stickers off without stuffing them? I have also been told that I may be able to order replacement vin tags from Fords, can anyone confirm this. Thanks.
  12. lowfutura

    Vin Tag Sticker Removal

    Thanks everyone, yes Senna as I found out from fords. Queensland transport treat the car as a re-birth until it is proved otherwise... really not worth the hassle, so the Vin tags will be getting masked off. cheers.
  13. lowfutura

    Power Window By-Pass On Bf

    Does any one know how to by-pass the power window winder on a BF? The body is stripped (loom out) for colour change repaint and all panels are off the the body, but can't strip the doors as I can't get the glass down.. Can I connect a battery or power source to particular wires do wind the glass down?
  14. lowfutura

    Power Window By-Pass On Bf

    sounds like a plan, ill try it. thanks
  15. lowfutura

    Vin Tag Sticker Removal

    yeah, I think it has anti tamper features..
  16. Full re-build starts in 7 days, the count down is on....

  17. Happy Birthday lowfutura!

  18. Convo Pro's look sweet on you ride man.. tough look, well done.

  19. Ford Bf Falcon Mk2 XR6 Turbo (2007)

    1. lowfutura


      10,000 views, thanks everybody...

  20. lowfutura

    Spare Tyre

    dont put the spare on the rear you will get axel bind and stuff the diff when you turn a corner..its not good for it anyway. An aftermarket FPV copy for $199 is the go with +35 offset... I drove around for a year before I realised that my factory 18inch steely didn't get over my 8 pot fronts....
  21. lowfutura

    Weird Air Noise When Using Throttle

    Check your cold air Pipping under the Bonnet to make sure all your joins are connected and havn't popped off...
  22. lowfutura

    One For The Experts....

    ENGINE Mount....
  23. lowfutura

    Missing While Cruising On Freeway

    Try change the chassis mounted fuel line filter (just under the passanger back door)...sounds like it could be sucking through some water and crud...
  24. lowfutura

    Repairable Write Off

    If its an FG XRt and it's got Factory Brembos on it, then it is most likly a cop car anyway. I believe when it goes over the pits to be re-registered the repair list is checked off against the car and all repairs are inspected before it is passed.

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