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  1. Hi. Make sure that the yellow power wire is a constant feed, not the Acc feed. Cheers MD
  2. Hi. BA/BF and FG can all be locked when using a turbo timer no matter how it is wired in, you just use the key in that little slot in the door handle. Or if you wire it up the right way (or is that my way) you can use the remote during the time that the timer is operating. Cheers MD
  3. Hi. Does that mean that I cant run the cop chip on my N/A work ute? Cheers MD
  4. Hi. If you are going to use just one coil to wire the tach adaptor in to you may as well just use the negative from one coil and set the "insert device here" to .5 pulses per rev (one pulse per two revs). The autometer unit gives 3 pulses per rev that gives a nice clean signal and a fast enough pulse rate at idle to stop a tach nedle bouncing arourd. Cheers MD
  5. Hi. Do not connect the accessories wire from the turbo timer to accessories, you only use it to make the relay switch. If you want to sit in the car and listen to the radio you dont need to use the turbo timer. Cheers MD
  6. foxtrot


    Hi. The factory type sunroof earths in the roof and has both a constant power feed and an ignition power feed so that the roof can auto close after you turn the key off. Cheers MD
  7. Hi. Get your sparky to contact "Dynamco" in perth. there is a workround for this problem. Cheers MD
  8. Hi. Two questions back at you------ Do you know what brand of alarm it is? and how long after setting alarm or more to the point how long after turning off the ignition does it go off? Some "upgrade" alarms (vision and antitheft) require the icc to be removed and if they didnt reset the connector on the back they may have bent a pin in the plug. The other problem may be due to the powersave feature where the car shuts down the power to the interior lights and boot light after 20 minutes and some alarms will see this as a door open or boot open trigger if the alarm is not wired the right way. Cheers MD
  9. Hi. If its the color screen its in screen saver mode, just hold the power button for 10 seconds and all should be good. Cheers MD
  10. Hi. Not even called a chev motor any more. The correct term is "GM POWERPLANT". How boring is that. Cheers MD
  11. Hi. Mount the autometer tach adapter on the firewall using one stud for the ABS one one side and 2 short self tappers on the other and then run the two red wires and the earth wire toward the front of the car to the multi pin plug near the ECU. On the engine side of the plug locate a heavy red/green (pinky red and pale green) wire and cut this wire about 50 mm from the plug. Join the plug side (ecu side) to the red wire and the engine side to the red/black wire and then run the earth wire across toward the ECU and earth it on the stud that secures the AC pipe behind the ECU. The gray wire can either run across the engine bay with the brake pipes or down to the grommet below the glovebox. All done. Cheers MD
  12. Hi. Coffey Ford in Dandenong did my BA a couple of years ago, fitting a new barrel and programming 2 keys ( I supplied the parts ) and only charged me $120 after quoting me $80. Ram locksmiths wanted $100 so I went with the cheap quote and got screwed by fraud. At least they did my sunroof recall and washed the car for nothing. I believe it takes about half an hour for them to do as they cant program the key the moment they plug in the WDS machine as this is to slow down anyone trying to steal a car. Cheers MD
  13. Hi. It should have one white wire for left signal input, one red wire for right signal input two earths and a switch wire. try joining the two orange/blacks to each other and see if the aux function works, if not look for a black wire and join it to the orange black wires. this point is also signal earth. Cheers MD
  14. Hi. Give DEI in tullamarine a call and get the details on the can-bus upgrade. Cheers MD
  15. Hi. hinge mounting is easy. first off check that lid sits ok on top of tub then pull back on lid so that you can hang hinges on the tongue on front of lid and push back in to place, when square and in the right position lift the back and open tailgate and close lid and check position again then crawl in and fit 1 or 2 screws and again check the fit and if all is good fit remaining screws. Next work out the closed length of the rams and with the lid closed measure back from the mounts on the lid then add 25 to 25 mm and mount the ram to the side as high as possible. this way as you close the lid it pushes the lid into the hinge slots. cheers MD

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