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  1. Happy Birthday xrt03!

  2. Happy Birthday xrt03!

  3. Happy Birthday xrt03!

  4. Happy Birthday xrt03!

  5. Hey everyone, Just after some advice, have 03 xr6t, auto, 100000klms, and have found when I run at full throttle I lose out in the top end of the rev range, feels really flat over 4500-5000rpm, and when I back off it sounds like its runnin on 4 cylinders for about ten seconds. Have done the plugs 1 month ago 0.8 gap, thought that was the problem. If I change manually before 4500 it pulls hard and theres no problem at all. I am running at 10psi generic tune now, but it still happens on the stock tune, only other mod is centre muffler removed. From searching on here I thought probably valve springs? Any help much appreciated :banghead:
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