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  1. Power Gains

    im gunna have a stab at 170 rwkw.
  2. Xr5t Automatic?

    ewww, why would ford bring out a auto! totally got one now, my xr6 is auto, totally bored of it.
  3. Just Found This...

    totally not complaining, its like the cheapest xr5 on carsales... like by 4 grand and the k's arent too bad on it haha. id buy it.
  4. N/a Mods And Power Figures?

    3 k all up sounds about right, but if you do it bit by bit it doesnt seem like that much im in the process of doing my ba 4 spd auto, exhaust done so far.. running 2.5inch stainless and 4490's + new cat obviously, costed me ummmz 1490. got quoted 990 for tune including capa tuner. just dunno if I wanna both, or just sell up and get a turbo when I get off my p's
  5. To Fpv Or Not To Fpv That Is The Question?

    bah, I loved the look of your car while following it for the majority of the cruise lol. I liked the look of the badges really, made me think when I saw it.. but I liked it, something different. do what ya want with your car, its yours and if your happy driving it then go for it
  6. F6 Tyhpoon With 20k Rebuild?

    it doesnt sound like he loves his car at all surely any person would realise bouncing the car off the rev limiter isnt the smartest thing to do, let alone doing it repeatedly.. sounds like karma to me..
  7. A Deal To Be Had?!

    so I was looking through carsales, and have decided its time to start saving some coin. I plan on my next car being a vixen bf mk2 f6,35000 drive away now with 30k on the clock. too bad I have to wait 2 years :(
  8. Broke Something.. :(

    umm, comparing BA to BF, his is bf mines ba, so obviously he had fair bit of pull on me. but I want a rematch now that I got my exhaust all done. should be about even now. just waiting for my gearbox to give out so I have an excuse to put 6 spd auto in.lol, seeing its only done 50 k I dont think it will happen for a while.. will probs upgrade to a t before it happens... might just put a t engine in. not sure how much their going for now days though.
  9. Broke Something.. :(

    haha, nah mines the mercury silver 4 spd auto :(. my mate had the 6 spd manual. but mine costed half of what his did . want to get a turbo... but cant drive it grrr. hate p laws
  10. Broke Something.. :(

    and yes it is the 4wd place lol, I drove past jaxx, and couldnt be bothered doing a u turn, wish I did now. those guys are wankers.. glad I didnt pay them. lol
  11. Broke Something.. :(

    hahaha, I was just trying to keep up with matt on sunday lol, damn him and his 150 rwkw more than me lolz. hmm maybe it might of had something to do with when I went sideways on the way there.. got frustrated with traffic.. lol still doesnt explain the front wheels though..
  12. Broke Something.. :(

    that's what I thought, but got new tyres and its gone. just have fkn idea how it happened. coz I havent locked up the brakes.. I think its gone, didnt notice it as much. tyres and more diagnosed, then got tyres from bob jane. didnt pay tyres and more for anything lol
  13. Broke Something.. :(

    all sorted, nothing major just flat spots on tyres.. no idea how that happened.. front tyres.. havent come to any sudden stops lately.. p.s no one go to tyres and more crnr neuman and redland bay road. fkn rude pricks.
  14. Sunshine Coast Cruise

    good day apart from the fact that my car broke.. and my cars slow.. lol. and the traffic comin home was a shocker. 2 and a half hours to get home... but we had some fun on the way home haha. got some looks.
  15. Broke Something.. :(

    no time atm, gotta work early in the morning fkn work. hopefully its safe to drive on.. was doin 150 on the way home on it lol, keeping up with an rx8! hottie was in the passenger seat lol. gunna drop in at ford , just see if they can figure out what the problem is nice n quick. probly not but ill give it a go.

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