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  1. Happy Birthday freddiemax!

  2. Happy Birthday freddiemax!

  3. Happy Birthday freddiemax!

  4. Happy Birthday freddiemax!

  5. I need some quick help also I have the BF XR^ turbo with its origininal rims. The specifications say 17x8" I have ordered new Marangoni mythos for it Now I have been offered a good deal from a friend for a nice set of mags and the specs say 17 by 7.5" offset 38. Tell me will these rims be ok for the marangoni I order with the half inch less on them.? I would appreciate any comments please. Will this hinder the performance?
  6. I do not know if any one has experienced this but I nearly lost the front spoiler on my BF xr6 spoiler the other day. I went into the damn you beaut shopping centre where in certian areas you park front to kerb. In many instances the front spoiler ends up on to the path above the kerb edge. Well in this shopping centre the kerb was abnormally high and if I had not gone to check it before moving forward then the spoiler would have hit the edge of the kerb and cracked all the way across the front. I have looked on the net for front sensors that you can instal but ehy only tell me they give you warning of how far you are from the car ahead of you. Has any one hear of any small sensors that can be put on the front spoiler that can warn you when you are coming close to a solid kerb and that you will hit it if you keep going? Maybe I am asking too much but has any other member had this problem or damaged their spoiler in this way? Cheers
  7. Hi all Soon will need new tyres on my 17" bf 2006 xr6 turbo I have been told that about the best you can get is the Michelin Pilot Preceda. The are averaging about $230 to $250 in Sydney. Has anyone any thoughts on this and have they had better prices?
  8. hello I am a new member I have a bfxr6 turbo and it is in shockwave colour I am thinking of putting stripes on her. Has any member got one in this colour with the stripes on it that they can let me look at please?. My partner thinks it will cheapen the car and make it into a hoons car if I put stripes on it. Is there any thought on this and whether it does belittle the car in any way. Thanks all
  9. Look I refused to pay the big fees and studied what they offered. I came up with a good compromise and it costs $30 for the plates and a $60 annua, fee which is just over $1 a week. I bought the standard yellow plates with the black numbers and seeing my car is a shockwave colour it worked out great, This plate gave me 3 characters and 3 numbers.

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